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July 30, 2013

How To Decorate Your Little Girls Room On A Small Budget- Using Green Zebra Tape- Green Zebra Room Decorations

How To Decorate Your Little Girls Room On A Small Budget Using Green Zebra Tape (or any other color)

If you want to decorate your child's room and do it cheap then try using some colored duck tape. I know sounds pretty cheesy when you say use duck tape, but trust me, it looks really really cute. Duck tape has definitely evolved and come up to a whole new level. As a kid, if my mom had said, "Hey, let's decorate your room with duck tape, I think I would have cried." Duck tape comes in the most awesome looking colors now a days. And they look great on just about anything. It's not bad sticky either. Which means I can pull this stuff off, and it doesn't leave that gross sticky stuff behind.

My little girl likes green zebra and she didn't have much in her room that matched. It was just her name in letters and her bedspread. She has a matching green zebra pillow, but obviously it didn't make it to the room for a picture. So as you can see it's one of her big fluffy fuzzy purple pillows.

 Here is the picture of the two different kinds of duck tape. I got the green zebra and the plain black and white zebra.

Want to buy the duck tape? Click on the link and it will take you to the Wal-mart page so you can buy it. Or buy it at your local Wal-mart if they offer it.
Black and White Zebra Duck Tape-10 Yds- $3.37
Green Zebra Duck Tape -10 Yds- $3.37

She wanted her fan to be upgraded to the new zebra look as well. This poor fan needed something pretty bad. She had little princess stickers on it forever, so when we finally pulled them off it actually pulled the white paint off the fan. It looked really bad, so she wanted me to put a strip of green zebra down the blades. I wanted to cover the entire fan blade, but she only wanted the one strip down the blade. So naturally, she got the one strip she wanted. I thought, well this is her room, let her have her fan the way she wants it. LOL..

 Then she wanted me to cover her little stick that opens the window blinds. I thought now that is a cute idea! So we covered the little white stick with the zebra duck tape. And then we tied a matching green zebra ribbon to it.

 She has a small plastic pull out drawer thing a ma bobber.. whatever you call this thing. And I took some black construction paper and cut it to fit inside the front of the drawers. I added some zebra duck tape to the construction paper in a straight line and just stuck the entire construction paper inside the drawer. This gave it a matching effect.

 I bought her a cheap 12.00 night stand from Walmart and covered the top of the night stand using the green zebra tape.  I still may go back and add another strip of just the black and white zebra to the leg parts.

 She needed a coaster to set her drink on. So we covered a wooden coaster that we had in the black and white zebra duck tape.

 Then I covered a little matching pen to use. I just took a red ink pen and covered it in the green zebra duck tape and taped a black hair clip to the top. 

 When we were at walmart she just had to have a big chair to sit in. It's called, "BIG JOE". This thing is actually pretty comfortable.

 She has a cork board on  her wall and I covered the edges in the green zebra. (She had pictures on it so I just blurred them out with big white blocks using my paint program.)

 If you were wondering how I made the letters. I just bought some wooden letters from Wal-Mart and and spray painted them black.
 Then I tried painting green on top. They looked more like giraffe than zebra. O well. lol.. 

So as you can see you can decorate your child's room without breaking the bank. When you add matching items into a room it really looks like you spent a lot of money to get everything to match, when really it didn't cost much at all.

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