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July 30, 2013

How To Make Your Own Glitter Nail Polish- Blue Glitter Fingernail Polish

 How To Make Your Own Glitter Nail Polish
"Blue Glitter Fingernail Polish"

 I thought I would try making a pretty blue glitter fingernail polish and it worked pretty good!

What I used:


 Nail Art Aqua Hologram Hearts 

 Sally Girl Sparkle Effects Loose Glitter

 Wet N Wild WILD Shine
Clear Nail Protector

 I took the blue hearts and dumped some of those into the clear nail polish protector. You might be wondering how I got them in the bottle. Well, I just used a frosting tip that I had. I just stuck that down in the bottle and dumped the little hearts. You can add as many hearts as you want. I did about a pinch worth.

 Next I added some Sally Girl Sparkle Effects blue glitter. I did about 2 1/2 teaspoons. You can always add a much as you want.

 Next I added some SuperNail Blue Ice Glitter. Once again I did about 2 1/2 teaspoons. You can add more or less.

 Here is the blue glitter top coat nail polish. This is a top coat only. Now on to the nail polish.

I took the Wet N Wild Wild Shine Bijou Blue Nail Polish and added some SuperNail Blue Ice Glitter to that. About 1/2 teaspoon.

 Next I added about 1/2 teaspoon of Sally Girl Sparkle Effects blue glitter. And that's it. All done!

 Now let's test it to what it looks like.

 Here is the picture of the fingernail polish (left bottle in pic) and top coat (right bottle in pic).
Very pretty colors!

 Here is an up close picture of the fingernail polish and top coat. The one with the hearts was the top coat only. This makes the most beautiful blue glitter nail polish I have seen. This is a lot of work and it would be easier to just buy blue glitter nail polish but it's also fun to play around and see what you can come up with as well. 

However.... by making nail polish this way....the glitter will sink to the bottom and will not stay suspended in the bottle. :(

If you are looking to make your very own real nail polish that will actually suspend the glitter then you will need to go online and buy what they call "Suspension Base". And you can't just dump any glitter you want into nail polish, it has to be "Solvent Resistant Glitter". If you use glitter that is not solvent resistant then it will lose it's color or bleed into the polish. 

If you want to make a colored nail polish that has color to it then try using a matte suspension base and adding colored mica to that along with some pretty solvent resistant glitter or shapes. If you are looking to buy mica to add to your nail polish try TKB Trading. They have tons of different options of pretty colored mica. This goes for making makeup and eyeshadows too.

We make our own nail polishes and don't do it the way I just showed you above. This post was just for fun and for those that don't have suspension base, solvent resistant glitter, and mica at home. All of our nail polishes we make are handmade from scratch. You can find out nail polishes that we sell online at Glitter Lambs Cosmetics. We also have some solvent resistant glitter for sale in our shop. 

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