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August 14, 2013

Zebra Nail Polish Rack

My husband built our daughter a fingernail polish rack and I covered the backboard with zebra duck tape so it would match her room.

Here is the backboard that goes in the back of the nail polish rack.

Here is the picture of the wood nail polish rack my husband built.

 He spray painted the nail polish rack white. Then I started covering the backboard with the zebra duck tape. I ran out of tape and we had to go to walmart to go get more. So when we got back I started covering the rest of the board and realized that it was two different kinds of zebra duct tape. So I had to fix all that.

 Here is the covered backboard of zebra stripes.

 We got it hung up on the wall.

 Here is a close up picture of the nail polish rack.

 It looks so cute!

 This will easily hold 100 nail polishes and if you stack really close together then you might get about 150. We have 56 items sitting on the nail polish rack and they are all spaced far apart. If I had squeezed them all together I would have had empty shelves and it would not have looked good. The top row is holding 4 Sally's glitter bottles, 2 small plastic containers filled with nail art glitter, and 5 nerds nail polishes and the rest is all regular bottles of nail polish.

Our daughter was pretty happy about her nail polish rack. We were thinking about using our cameo silhouette machine to add her name or some designs at the top or maybe some rhinestones across the front of each shelf. This is the first nail polish rack my husband has ever built. He does other woodworking stuff in our Etsy shop but this is the first time he has attempted something like this. I think he did a great job!

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