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September 28, 2013

"Cry Baby" Blue Glitter Nail Polish Custom Blended By Glitter Lambs

 This is our newest custom made glitter lacquer nail polish in "CRY BABY". This is a pretty light blue filled with tons of shiny glitter! The more glitter you add the more it will sparkle. Hope you like glitter cause that is what your gonna get with this!

I tried to capture a picture but it's really hard to take a picture of glitter. The glitter turns pink in the light for some odd reason and it took forever just get these pictures took. I need an upgrade on my camera I think. 

 Here is the picture I am talking about where the glitter looked pink. The glitter does NOT have any pink in it. However, I guess you get an almost holographic different colored look in the sun.

I painted the first nail with top coat of the "CRY BABY" glitter nail polish. 
This one was a bare nail with no fingernail polish on it.  

The second nail was painted in a deep blue color with a coat of the "Cry Baby" on top of it. 

The third nail actually had white polish painted on it, but you can't really tell it from the picture.

The fourth nail has 3 coats of the "Cry Baby" on it. 

The fifth nail has a black polish with one coat of "Cry Baby" and the last nail has a light blue color with one coat of "Cry Baby" on it. 

Really wish the pictures were a little more clear. Sorry...

"Bubblegum Ice" Glitter Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs

Bubblegum Ice Pink Glitter Nail Polish 
Lacquer Custom Blended

Here is the Bubblegum Ice Pink glitter nail polish I made. I add the most beautiful pink glitters into my suspension base to get this. 

Here is the Bubblegum Ice nail polish on some base coats. This stuff is GORGEOUS! The camera just can not capture the amount of glitter and shine that this has.

September 27, 2013

"Powdered Sugar" Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer Top Coat For Girls Who Like To SPARKLE! Custom Blended by Glitter Lambs

Powdered Sugar
Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer

This is a custom blended glitter nail polish lacquer I made. This is called "Powdered Sugar". This is so PRETTY over any base nail polish color.

 I did some color wheels for you below so you could see them. Sorry the pictures didn't turn out real good. The glitter nail polish looks so much better in person. The pictures just couldn't capture the sparkle that is loaded in this nail polish.

And here we have the pretty glittery "Powdered Sugar" Nail Polish Lacquer relaxing in a bed of candy sprinkles and fluffy powdered sugar. YUM!

This is a picture of just the powdered sugar nail lacquer on my nails without any nail polish on. I like it a lot better with a nail polish base under it in my opinion. The glitter just don't stand out as much when I wear alone. It needs a bright popping color like a hot pink to really set this glitter off.

I tried to take a close up of the glitter nail polish but it just wasn't doing right. This is hard to capture.

Here is the color wheel of different color I painted on each nail and then I added the "Powdered Sugar" Glitter Nail Polish on top of each one.

September 24, 2013

DIY Glitter Brush Holder

Found a great idea on how to make a DIY Glitter Brush Holder. I need to give this a try sometime.

DIY Resin Tutorial For A Necklace Charm

I found a Resin Tutorial on Youtube and thought I would share it. This would be a fun little crafty idea to do with your kids or for a gift for someone they know.

September 20, 2013

Custom Blended Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer

Custom Blended Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer

Here is my poka a dot nail polish lacquer I made. It's called "Harvest Festival". I painted my nails in a brown color first then I topped it off with the custom made glitter top coat I made.  So pretty for fall! I just adore the little poka a dots over this brown. The colored dots really stand out on the Essie Nail Polish "Mink Muffs" base color. 

What's in my Nail Polish Ingredients?????
  • N-Butyl Acetate
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate

Here is some pictures of the glitter top coat nail polishes that I just made.
 From Left To Right:
"Salty Pepper"
"Hay Stacks" 
"Cloud Frosting"
"Harvest Festival"
"Lollipop Splash"

 These turned out very pretty!

September 17, 2013

Pure Ice "Twinkle" And Essie "Blanc" Purple And White Finger Nail Polish- Glitter Nails

Pure Ice "Twinkle" & 
Essie "Blanc Finger Nail Polish

What I painted my nails with:
Essie Nail Polish in "Blanc"- White nail polish #008
Pure Ice "Twinkle"- Purple Glitter Top Coat #765CP

I just painted my nails in the Essie Nail Polish (white) "Blanc" color and gave it 3 coats. Then I used the Pure Ice "Twinkle" purple glitter top coat on only one of my nails at the tip for just a hint of sparkle. 

MAC Lipglass Viva Glam VI Review - Lip Gloss Cosmetic Review

MAC Lipglass Viva Glam VI Review - Lip Gloss Cosmetic Review

This is MAC Liglass Lip Gloss Viva Glam VI. I bought this for my daughter the other day at the mall because she wanted it and thought I would do a review on it. My daughter thinks it's the best ever! This has a tinted dark pink color to it with lots and lots of shiny sparkles in it. This cost about $16.00 because it was the smaller bottle. This bottle is 4.8 g/0.17 US oz.  This color really went well with her brown hair color and complexion.

Here is a picture I took of the lipgloss smeared on the front of my hand. I went outside so I could get better lighting on the sparkles. You can layer this up to make it thicker. This is just a light layer of the glitter lipgloss. If you want it darker it will definitely go darker and the more you add the more sparkle you get!

A big thumbs up for MAC Lipglass Lip gloss. Good Lip gloss and worth the price. Good quality and you will never be disappointed. Yeah it's a little more on the costly side, but let me tell you that there is a difference in this lipgloss. It is thick and stays on and the glitter is remarkable. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Not to mention is smells so GOOOOODD... Smells like vanilla. (This product actually has Vanillin in it.)

September 16, 2013

Let Me Give Your Hair Some Sugar! Smooch! Smooch! "Pink Sugar" Hair Perfume Review

Pink Sugar "Hair Perfume"

If you want your hair to smell like it's made out of yummy sugar then try using this "Pink Sugar" hair perfume.
Just spray it in your hair and your good to go. Smells so good you might mistake your hair for long strands of spun sugar. Sweet smelling sugar hair! It can't get no better than that!

This smells like a mix of cotton candy with something else. It's almost like a candy factory only it's in your hair. If you like the smell of sugary sweets then you will love this. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Eye Pencil Review -Charcoal 205

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil Review 
- Charcoal #205

The website says this about the product:
The pencil gives you control and versatility. Want a precise line? It glides on easily. Want to soften a bit? There's a soft smudger tip. Best of all? No sharpening necessary, it's got a specially designed self-sharpener inside. So you always get the point perfectly.

Covergirl eyeliners are my FAVORITE!! Definitely a staple in my makeup bag. This is #205 charcoal.
I like the color of this when I put it on. It's a soft black color, yet you can build on it and make it darker if you need to.

 This will last a LONG time and it stays put. 

This is a soft eyeliner that glides on. It's not a pencil (well, it say's pencil on the product but when I say pencil, i think of the hard eyeliner pencils and this is not like that. ) I use to wear black onyx and I found that this was way to black for my pale complexion. It was not flattering on my eyes. The charcoal is a lighter step up from the black and gives my eyes just the right amount of color. I don't want it screaming out at anyone. The end of the eyeliner comes with a soft smudger tip to blend it in for a softer look. 

Good product! This gets 4 stars from me!

September 12, 2013

How To Remove Fingernail Polish

 How To Remove Fingernail Polish

Okay, this sounds like a no-brainer, but honestly I had no idea that this one little switch up of how I take my fingernail polish off would work so well. I have always used toilet paper or cotton balls to take my nail polish off and the toilet paper would fall apart and I would have to get more and more and more. The cotton balls were not all that great either.

So I was walking by the kitchen and thought hey I will grab this roll of paper towels to take my nail polish off this time. The paper towel worked so well that I couldn't believe it! Why have I not thought of this before! The paper towels are sturdier and will hold up better. Usually it takes awhile to take all my nail polish off, but when I used the paper towel it came off so fast. I was sitting there in shock thinking I have been doing this all wrong.

Maybe you already knew this, but I learned something new today! Paper towels are my nails new best friend.

Pink Zebra Food Label Cards And Free Printable Cupcake Topper Templates For A DIY Pink Zebra Birthday Party


Here is a ton of printable Pink Zebra Birthday Party stuff. Pick out what you need and click on the picture and it will pull up a larger version. Just SAVE IMAGE AS and it will go straight onto your computer for you to print. For personal use only. If you have a website and you printed this out to use for your child's party and you took pictures then please feel free to post them to your website. Just link back to us saying where you go the free templates from. Print on card stock for the best look. These images are in JPEG format. You can also print on regular printing paper and laminate if you want. Thanks!
 Here is a picture of what the free printable pink zebra cards will look like if you print them and cut them out. I just printed this on card stock paper that had a design on one side and plain white on the other. I took the card stock and loaded into the printer so it would print the pink zebra on the plain white side and the inside would have the already store bought print design on the inside of the card. I choose a pink striped design to go with the zebra. Once I printed this I just cut it out and folded on the pink line to turn it into a card. This card said the word "STRAWS" on it. I made a lot of different card templates below along with some blank ones for you to type or write your own words.

Free Printable Blank Pink Zebra Cupcake Toppers
(To make these just print and cut each one out using a decorative
cutter and tape it to a pretty colored stick and stick down in cupcakes.)

Free Printable Pink Zebra
Happy Birthday Cupcake Toppers

Free Printable Blank Pink Zebra Cupcake Toppers

Free Printable Pink Zebra Birthday Party Food Label Cards
"Candy Apples" "Sprinkles" "Candy" "Chocolate Chips"
To make these just print and cut all four cards out. Fold on pink line and set next to the food items.

Free Printable Pink Zebra Blank Birthday Party Food Label Cards
(Fill in your own words)

Free Printable Pink Zebra Birthday Party Food Label Cards
"Chips" "Drinks" "Cookies" "Dip"

Free Printable Pink Zebra Blank Birthday Party Food Label Cards
(Fill in your own words)

Free Printable Pink Zebra Birthday Party Label Cards
"Gifts" "Forks" "Spoons" "?"

Free Printable Pink Zebra Birthday Party Label Cards
"Hot Dogs" "Nachos" "Ice Cream" "Cupcakes"

Free Printable Pink Zebra Birthday Party Food Label Cards
"M&M's" "Candy Bars" "Skittles" "Cotton Candy"

Free Printable Pink Zebra Birthday Party Food Label Cards
"Straws" "Cups" "Plates" "Bowls"

Free Printable Pink Zebra Water Bottle Templates
(Just print and cut out and wrap around a water bottle and tape in the back)

Free Printable Blank Pink Zebra Water Bottle Templates
(Write your own words on it)

Free Printable Pink Zebra Speech Bubble Blank Template
(Write your own words)

Free Printable Pink Zebra Speech Bubble With Numbers

Free Printable Pink Zebra Speech Bubble Template
"Take One"
Use these to sit around food items or tape to cups or large bowls or containers

Free Printable Pink Zebra Speech Bubbles
(Just write what you want in these)
2 images fill an 8.5x11 sheet

Free Printable Pink Zebra Speech Bubbles
(Just write your own words)
2 images fill an 8.5 x 11 sheet

A free little girl with a pink zebra dress clipart image for personal use only.
Make them into cupcake toppers or turn her into some cute decorations for a birthday party.

Tons and tons of different colors- blue zebra, pink zebra, rainbow colors, green zebra, etc

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