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September 16, 2013

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Eye Pencil Review -Charcoal 205

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil Review 
- Charcoal #205

The website says this about the product:
The pencil gives you control and versatility. Want a precise line? It glides on easily. Want to soften a bit? There's a soft smudger tip. Best of all? No sharpening necessary, it's got a specially designed self-sharpener inside. So you always get the point perfectly.

Covergirl eyeliners are my FAVORITE!! Definitely a staple in my makeup bag. This is #205 charcoal.
I like the color of this when I put it on. It's a soft black color, yet you can build on it and make it darker if you need to.

 This will last a LONG time and it stays put. 

This is a soft eyeliner that glides on. It's not a pencil (well, it say's pencil on the product but when I say pencil, i think of the hard eyeliner pencils and this is not like that. ) I use to wear black onyx and I found that this was way to black for my pale complexion. It was not flattering on my eyes. The charcoal is a lighter step up from the black and gives my eyes just the right amount of color. I don't want it screaming out at anyone. The end of the eyeliner comes with a soft smudger tip to blend it in for a softer look. 

Good product! This gets 4 stars from me!

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