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September 28, 2013

"Cry Baby" Blue Glitter Nail Polish Custom Blended By Glitter Lambs

 This is our newest custom made glitter lacquer nail polish in "CRY BABY". This is a pretty light blue filled with tons of shiny glitter! The more glitter you add the more it will sparkle. Hope you like glitter cause that is what your gonna get with this!

I tried to capture a picture but it's really hard to take a picture of glitter. The glitter turns pink in the light for some odd reason and it took forever just get these pictures took. I need an upgrade on my camera I think. 

 Here is the picture I am talking about where the glitter looked pink. The glitter does NOT have any pink in it. However, I guess you get an almost holographic different colored look in the sun.

I painted the first nail with top coat of the "CRY BABY" glitter nail polish. 
This one was a bare nail with no fingernail polish on it.  

The second nail was painted in a deep blue color with a coat of the "Cry Baby" on top of it. 

The third nail actually had white polish painted on it, but you can't really tell it from the picture.

The fourth nail has 3 coats of the "Cry Baby" on it. 

The fifth nail has a black polish with one coat of "Cry Baby" and the last nail has a light blue color with one coat of "Cry Baby" on it. 

Really wish the pictures were a little more clear. Sorry...

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