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September 5, 2013

Falsies "Big Eyes" Maybelline Mascara- Eye Makeup Review

 I thought I would try out the Falsies "Big Eyes" Maybelline Mascara out and see what I thought about it. This mascara comes with a brush on each end. One side has a normal thick mascara brush and the other end has a very tiny mascara brush for your bottom lashes. I actually like the tiny brush so much that I use it for my top lashes too. It separates all my lashes out perfectly. The bigger brush end really soaks my eyelashes and makes them thick. I have to be careful to not put to much of this product on the brush before I put it on my lashes. It works really well and this should last me awhile. I really like this mascara and especially the tiny brush. Good product! I bought this at Walmart but you can also buy it online.

Here is the picture of the tiny brush.

Here is a picture of the other end- the large brush.

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