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September 9, 2013

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Airbrushing Pressed Powder Review- Cosmetic Review

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear 
Airbrushing Pressed Powder
Creamy Natural 7587

This is a 16 Hour Airbrushing Finish powder I picked up a Walmart. This stuff works really good over my foundation. I primed my face first with "Ultra Healing Jergens- Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer". It's always a good idea to prime your face with lotion or a face primer before you put your foundation on if you have really large pores. I also have dry skin so it's always a must for me.

 I have to have a full coverage foundation, so I find myself adding powder on top of my foundation to set it. I really shouldn't use powder, because my skin is dry but I really like the look of the foundation after I have applied powder to it. I always put lotion on first before my foundation. If I skip on the lotion then my foundation and powder will not lay right on my face. I am one of those that likes my foundation thick and covers all my skin. My skin is VERY red in spots and I have large pores and I get breakouts a lot. I just like the finished look of the powder over my foundation.

This powder worked really great and lasted ALL day long. I was really surprised this held my makeup on all day. That usually does not happen. My makeup usually needs to be touched up during the day, because it wipes off around my nose area and on my cheeks. This powder came with a Buffing Kabuki brush, but I didn't use it. I used my own kabuki brush. (My softest ever brush lol)

Overall I would say this product is great. It didn't cake up on my skin like other powders I have used. It's feels light weight on my skin and the color was perfect for my face. I wear ivory foundation and finish with a shade darker on my powder, to kind of even it out. I'm really pale and would look washed out in the face if I just wore ivory only. The creamy Natural color of the powder really looked great on my skin. I will definitely be buying this again.

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