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September 27, 2013

"Powdered Sugar" Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer Top Coat For Girls Who Like To SPARKLE! Custom Blended by Glitter Lambs

Powdered Sugar
Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer

This is a custom blended glitter nail polish lacquer I made. This is called "Powdered Sugar". This is so PRETTY over any base nail polish color.

 I did some color wheels for you below so you could see them. Sorry the pictures didn't turn out real good. The glitter nail polish looks so much better in person. The pictures just couldn't capture the sparkle that is loaded in this nail polish.

And here we have the pretty glittery "Powdered Sugar" Nail Polish Lacquer relaxing in a bed of candy sprinkles and fluffy powdered sugar. YUM!

This is a picture of just the powdered sugar nail lacquer on my nails without any nail polish on. I like it a lot better with a nail polish base under it in my opinion. The glitter just don't stand out as much when I wear alone. It needs a bright popping color like a hot pink to really set this glitter off.

I tried to take a close up of the glitter nail polish but it just wasn't doing right. This is hard to capture.

Here is the color wheel of different color I painted on each nail and then I added the "Powdered Sugar" Glitter Nail Polish on top of each one.

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