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October 1, 2013

Custom Blended Glitter Nail Polish -"Fruit Cake" Red And Green Glitter Fingernail Polish Lacquer

This red and green glitter filled bottle is called "Fruit Cake". This has red and green glitters that really say WOW over some red nail polish or you could do three coats and wear it alone. This makes me think of the holidays. Yum!

 The first nail in the picture above has 1 coat of the "Fruit Cake" glitter nail polish. The 2nd nail has 2 coats of the "Fruit Cake". The 3rd nail has 3 coats of "Fruit Cake". The last nail has red polish with only 1 coat of the "Fruit Cake" glitter top coat. This stuff is SO Pretty!

 I tried to get a close up of the red and green glitters for you. Super Sparkly!

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