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November 20, 2013

34 Shades Of Shine

I have been wanting to make myself a bottle of glitter nail polish that had every different kind of glitter in it and this is what I came up with. This glitter polish got 34 different kinds of glitter stuffed into it's little bottle. It makes me think of Christmas confetti or something. I was curious how long this was going to last on my nails over the course of my trip I was about to leave on.

First I painted my nails in Wet N Wild Clear Nail Protector. Then I gave my nails about 2 coats of the Essie "Mod Square" Pink Polish and Essie "Butler Please" Bluish Purplish Polish. Then I did 2 coats of the "34 Shades Of Shine" glitter nail polish on top of that.Then I let that dry a few minutes and then added more Wet N Wild clear nail protector on top of that. By the time I was finished my nails were wet for a very long time. I usually do not put 6 coats of polish on my nails. lol.  It took over an hour for this to finally set up and harden. It's a good thing I was going on a trip and was in the car for awhile, because I probably would have knocked my wet nails into something. I really wanted this polish to last my whole trip without having to change it. That's why I did so many coats.

However on a brighter note, because of the Wet N Wild polish that I put on my nails, my polished nails held up GREAT the entire trip! Polish of any kind does not generally last me very long. That's totally my fault. I tend to knock my nails into every imaginable thing there is. Even when taking a shower and washing my hair I generally can't seem to keep my polish on, because my hair gets caught up under than polish and glitter and messes my pretty nails up. But since I did the protector on my nails I actually had this polish on the entire time of our trip. It lasted 5 days until I caught my nail on the door and it chipped my polish at the end. It was only a very tiny chip though. I took my polish off on day 6. The steam from my hot bath soaked into my hands and the polish pulled right off, not even leaving a trace of polish on my nails. For once I didn't have to use polish remover. :) I just dug my nail under the polish and pulled it right off. Yes....This how polish should be for me all the time. Except the drying time. That was terrible but obviously it paid off.

A neat trick for not having to use polish remover is painting your nails with glue. Take a small brush and swip on a little glue over your nail. Blow dry the nails so it dries. Then paint your nails with glitter polish. Then add a clear coat protector on top. At the end of the night when your ready  to take it off just get up under the polish and it pulls right off. No mess left behind. ***

I just love it that when I take lots of pictures and they come out dark and not Not really.. Okay so let's take a look at what I put my polish. Forgive me....I was in hurry because we were leaving.

I added some pretty solvent resistant glitter moons. 

I added black stars.

 And some black dots.

 And some large blue matte hexagons.

 Blue Shreds (shreds are my favorite)

.015 Blue Hex Glitter

 Gold Holographic Hexagon Glitter

 Gold Holographic Slices (another one of my favorites....slices are awesome)

 Matte Red, Purple, Green, Blue Hexagons in different sizes. (about 6 different glitters)

 Bright Neon Hexagons and Squares. (about 9 diff glitters)

 Pink Neon Stars

 Neon Yellow Hexagons

 Light Pink Flowers

 Purple Shreds

 Short Red Slices

 Silver Dots

 Holographic Diamonds

Long Sliver Slices

And some blue hearts, green stars, and bright red dots. You can see the blue heart and green stars in the picture below. I didn't get a pic of the red dots. :(

And some pretty tiny glitter in pink and white

See The List Of What's In 34 Shades Of Shine
  • Sky Blue Holographic Moons 
  • Silver Slices .125x.0125
  • Black Dots .078
  • Silver Dots .078
  • Gold Holographic Hex .062
  • Gold Holographic Slices .125x.0125
  • Matte Blue Hex .125
  • Black Stars
  • Matte Pink Flowers
  • Neon Yellow Hex .062
  • (6 different Glitters) Matte Party Glitter Mixture
  • (9 different Glitters) Neon Glitter Mixture
  • Silver Holo Diamonds
  • Matte Blue Shreds
  • Neon Pink Stars
  • Matte Purple Shreds
  • Short Red Slices .062x.0125
  • Blue Glitter Hex .015
  • Red Dots
  • Blue Hearts
  • Green Starts

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