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November 23, 2013

Polish Me Silly "Mistletoe Madness" Thermal Changing Glitter Nail Polish Review

Polish Me Silly "Mistletoe Madness" 
Thermal Changing Glitter Nail Polish Review

This is a thermal changing glitter nail polish called "Mistletoe Madness" by Polish Me Silly. The heat changes it to white and the cold makes it green. I have never owned a thermal changing color polish before so this was my first experience with it. Love! Love! Love! This polish was fantastic and very quick drying. I just can't get over how neat this polish is. My daughter was actually wanting to try the color changing polishes out so I bought this for her. Now if she would just pull her head out of her iPod just long enough for me to paint her nails in

Another perfect holiday glitter nail polish. My daughter may not let me use this again once she gets her hands on this. Great polish. They have really cute polishes in their Etsy shop. Lots of unique and pretty glitter polishes.

 Here is the color of the polish from sticking it near the heater. The heat turns it a pretty white color and the glitter really stands out.

 Here is the picture from going outside in the cold...and I do mean COLD... It turned a pretty green color. This picture made the green a little more brighter green than it actually is.

This picture of the green is the true color of green that it actually is. Very cute.

Here is the two tone color with half green and white on the tips. So glad I bought this polish. I am very happy with this polish. I expect to be sneaking back into this shop to make another purchase sometime. :)

You can buy this same polish here:

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