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November 11, 2013

RARE Limited Edition Glitter Nail Polish- "Josephs Coat Of Many Colors" Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer Topper- Custom Handmixed Indie Franken Polish- Bible Collection Nail Polish

Josephs Coat Of Many Colors Glitter Nail Polish- $10.00
Rare Limited Edition Nail Polish
Etsy Store

This nail polish was inspired from the popular Bible story "Joseph And The Coat Of Many Colors". This glitter nail polish topper is to be worn over another base color. Looks great over red like what you see in the picture. We have RARE limited edition "Bible Collection Nail Polishes" that will be offered in our nail polish store.

I just got finished mixing up a new polish earlier called "Jesus Loves Me" that my daughter helped pick the colors out for. I will try to have that posted tomorrow. It's a very pretty red glittery color. It has a mix of red slices with two different copper glitters. Very beautiful! I wanted to take some pictures of it today, but the sun went down to soon so I couldn't get a good picture of it.

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