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November 25, 2013

Solvent Resistant Glitter Mix: FROSTY

Solvent Resistant Glitter Mix: Frosty

Here is a gorgeous solvent resistant glitter mix called FROSTY. This has silver slices, holographic blue moons, blue shreds, and tiny blue glitter in this mix.

Perfect glitter mix to add to your nail lacquer. Grab this up in our Etsy shop at this link

Use this coupon code: GLITTER2013 at the time of purchase and save 10%.

To make a pretty glitter lacquer with this just fill your nail polish bottle half full of suspension base then add five 1/4 teaspoons of this glitter to the bottle to make a pretty Frosty Polish. This is just a suggested amount depending on how glittery you like your polish to be. This will be loaded with glitter if you use this amount. I like my polishes to be loaded with glitter, others like them less loaded. Either way you will love this Frosty Glitter Mix.  Or mix it with another glitter to make a unique mix of your own!

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