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December 17, 2013

1 Free "Frosty" Polish! HURRY! GO NOW!

The first person that messages me the word "123Frosty" in my Etsy store will be the winner of our winter polish called "Frosty".

Just go to "Glitter Lambs Polish Esty Store" and message me by clicking on the blue button on the left hand side about midway down that say's "Contact Shop Owner". Then just type in the word- 123Frosty. That's it. Its that simple.

It's totally free! Shipping and all!


This is the polish you get! 

****UPDATE We have a WINNER!****

 It's SHAWNA again, lol, from over at  Thanks for playing guys!! Keep on the lookout and stay posted to our blog! We will be doing lots of fun drawings! We will even do some solvent resistant glitter mix giveaways too. Why are we doing this? Well, we like to do it just for fun! Spread the word!!!! Tell your friends and follow our blog! You don't want to miss out!!! Your going to have to type faster if you want to beat Shawna lol.....She's pretty quick!

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