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January 24, 2014

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Nail Polish

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Nail Polish

Swatch done by Selina Rockell

What you get:

Mickey & Minnie: This is a clear base filled with bubblegum pink minnie heads, black mickey heads, large chunky silver shreds, tiny gold hex mix, white dots and very tiny gold glitter. This is so GORGEOUS in person. Very BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Some settling of the larger glitters may happen over time. Just turn bottle upside down and shake to disperse the larger glitters back up to the top. Or turn bottle upside down and sit it down on the table for awhile so the larger glitters will come up to the top before use. This will make it easier.

*****This is meant to be a glitter topper and not a full coverage glitter nail polish. Just add this glitter topper over another nail polish color to make it SPARKLE!!!!!*****

Bottle is 15ml. 

Finish it off with a clear coat for a smooth look.

Two steel balls are included in each polish for easier mixing. 

Free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate

Will ship in 1-2 Business days.

For sale in our Glitter Lambs Polish Etsy Store.

This is a picture of the raw glitter mix before I put it in the bottle.

 Here is another close up of the raw glitter mix.

I used these polishes on the nails below.
Pure Ice "Siren"
Essie "Fiesta"
Broadway Nails "Bowling Ball"
Salon Perfect "Bellini"

 From left to right: I painted the nail a red color in Pure Ice "Siren". The 2nd nail is a pink color in Essie "Fiesta". The 3rd nail is a blue color in Broadway nails "Bowling Ball". The 4th pictures is Salon Perfect "Bellini".
This is a close up of the Pink Essie Polish in "Fiesta" and Broadway Nails in Blue "Bowling Ball". The camera is making this polish look red when actually it's a pink.

 Close up of the Essie "Fiesta" pink polish with the "Mickey & Minnie" glitter topper over it.

 Here is the blue polish in Broadway nails "Bowling Ball" and Salon Perfect "Bellini" with the Mickey and Minnie glitter topper over it. You can actually see the silver shreds that are in this polish on the right nail.

 All of our polishes can bought in our store at Glitter Lambs Polish Etsy Store.

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  1. First of all i want to tell you you share very informative information.. These fast colors are so amazing for a a party. Love it so much Thanks for sharing. <3 <3.


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