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February 6, 2014

Bunny Snacks, Cotton Candy Fluff, Taste The Rainbow, and Nerd Valley- New Glitter Topper Nail Polishes

We have more New Glitter Toppers on the way!!!!
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Bunny Snacks-a clear base filled with purple shreds, white hex, white stars, and purple flowers.

Cotton Candy Fluff- a clear base with pink flowers, pink shreds, pink hex, and white holographic glitter that shifts to pink when the light catches it.

Taste The Rainbow- a clear base filled with white hex, neon colored hex, and white holographic glitter.

Nerd Valley-a clear base filled with silver holographic diamonds, silver dots, turquoise glitter, silver shreds, black shreds, white shreds, yellow hex, blue hex, neon pink hex, green hex in different sizes.

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