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March 18, 2014

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palettes and Mirage Twinkling Silver 1 Ounce Mica Pigment Review

This is the Coastal Scents Palettes. They were having a sale for $9.95 on these when I bought them. On the left is the 88 Original Palette eyeshadows. These are really bright popping colors! On the right is the warm palette 88 eyeshadows. And the bottle is Mirage Twinkling Silver...1 ounce Mica Pigment...its GORGEOUS! The eyeshadows have a really good pigment to them. The black eyeshadow is amazing. I use this as an eyeliner to line the top and bottom of my eyes now instead of using my eyeliner pencil. This has a very rich black pigment and I love it. Or course I have not used all of the eyeshadows yet but between me and my daughter using them I am sure we will be able to put a dent in it. This was a good buy. They even threw in a free sample size of All Natural African Black Soap. Thanks Coastal Scents! 

I bought some Mirage Twinkling Silver 1 ounce mica pigment  for $14.95 and it's STUNNING!!! Just apply a tiny amount over your eyeshadow to give it a gorgeous twinkle shimmer! This stuff is too pretty! You have to see this in person.You get A LOT of glitter and a tiny tiny dab will go a long way. This stuff should last me a very long time!  Keep in mind this is very tiny glitter and you have to be careful when applying just like you would any other glitter. It will get all over you if you are not careful. But that is to be expected. Very soft, light and fluffy glitter. You can't feel it on your skin because it's so light. It is not grainy or anything.This is OUT OF THIS WORLD on the glitter shimmer effect! This is a must for anyone who likes to add a little sparkle to their eyeshadow!!!

I tried to take a close up of this glitter for ya and as you can see it's BEAUTIFUL! The name calls it silver but it looks white to me in person. Which is a good thing cause that is what I was kind of hoping for when I bought from the store. The store pictures shows it white so that is why I bought it. 

Here is a picture sourced straight from there store. 
GO GET YOU SOME!!! You won't be disappointed!!

  Here is the size of the 1 ounce mica pigment. This is a ton of glitter that will last you a very long time. This stuff will go an extremely long ways. It don't take much because this glitter is so shimmery.

 Can you see the shimmer? Its so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm telling you this stuff is just too GORGEOUS! 

I swatched just a tiny smidge on my arm so you could see what it looked like. 

So if you haven't checked out Coastal Scents yet then what are you waiting for? They got some amazing products! They have makeup like mascara, eyeshadow pots, blush, lipgloss, mica powder, brushes, etc. Head on over to their website and give them a look!

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