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May 28, 2014

Sylvester The Cat Black Glitter Topper Nail Polish Lacquer By Glitter Lambs


Sylvester The Cat Glitter Topper Nail Polish is a clear base filled with black shreds, tiny black hex, tiny white hex, black diamonds, black stars, white stars, and some holographic glitter. 

Here is a bottle shot of all the glitter. You can see the holographic glitter in this because it's showing up blue in the picture. When the light hits the holo glitter it has a rainbow of different colors. 

 The first nail has 1 coat of Sylvester The Cat glitter topper on it and the second nail has 2 coats.

 First nail has 2 coats the second nail has 1. You can also see a glimpse of our Tweety Bird Nail Polish Glitter Topper.

 First nail has 1 coat, second nail has 2 coats, and third nail is Tweety Bird.

 Here is a bottle shot. The light is really catching that holographic glitter. There is only a scattered amount of holo glitter in this.

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