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June 30, 2014

Glitter Lambs Nail Polish Giveaway! Ends July 31, 2014

We are having a Glitter Lambs Nail Polish Giveaway that is starting now and will end July 31, 2014. This is will be on INSTAGRAM ONLY.

So what's the rules you ask? Well, there is only 3 rules!
1. Repost this picture
2. Tag #GlitterLambsJuly2014
3. Must be following me @GlitterLambs  

Do not unfollow me after the giveaway is over or you will be blocked from future giveaways. Just a heads up. :)

If you are under 18 years of age you must have parents permission before you enter!!!!

We are open international. So anyone can enter.

You can repost as many times as you want.

3 Winners will be picked on July 31, 2014 using I will post the winners to my instagram page and on my blog. The 1st winner gets 5 polishes of choice. 2nd winner gets 3 polishes of choice. 3rd winner gets 2 polishes of choice.

If you enter then I will hit like on your respost. If you do not get a like on your repost then you will know that your repost didn't go through. If that is the case, then contact me on my instagram page and let me know.


June 25, 2014

Summer Jam Collection Glitter Topper Nail Polish by Glitter Lambs

Our Summer Jam Collection is here...
You buy them in either store of ours:

  • Grape Jam
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Pickled Watermelon
  • Strawberry Preserves
  • Raspberry Compote

What a better way to complete your summer with this popping purple "Grape Jam" glitter topper nail polish. A delicious fruit spread that is bound to make your nails happy! @LacqueredLori swatched this and it's incredible cute!! Her review is on her blog!

Grape Jam is a clear base filled with lavender flowers, purple shreds, and a mix and white hex mix in different sizes. Doesn't it look Gorgeous? There is just so much glitter going in this bottle! We always strive to make sure that you don't have to FISH for glitter. We love to STUFF our bottles full of glitter so that way when you pull your brush out of the bottle you will have loads of glitter goodness all over that brush. 

 Macro shot of Grape Jam glitter topper nail polish. The flowers kind of make me think of grape clusters... Kind of ....We can pretend can't we? lol The pink and white hex mix in this really gave Grape Jam the extra kick it needed to make it one juicy nail spread. If your into the color purple and you like grape jelly then you totally need this polish. 

Look at Mr. Grape Jam looking all sophisticated. He thinks he's Grape-Tastic! 

 Here is Orange Marmalade. Now some may have already noticed that this polish resembles another one of our polishes we have for sale called Rubber Ducky. As I was mixing this polish up I actually thought that this looked like Rubber Ducky. Rubber Ducky only has 3 different glitters in it- Orange hex, Yellow Hex and micro silver holo glitter. This Orange Marmalade has Orange hex, Neon Yellow hex, matte yellow hex, a gold hex mix in different sizes and micro silver holographic glitter. So you are actually get two different kinds of yellow glitters in this along with some gold hex in different sizes. It's a stunning Orange Marmalade glitter topper nail polish. Lori added a cute orange slice to her accent nail which just matched Perfectly with this! I love it! And she layered Orange Marmalade over the most GORGEOUS looking base color ever! That is BEAUTIFUL!!!

 Here is a close up bottle shot of Orange Marmalade. The gold hex in this really twinkles and makes for a beautiful topper.

 Just look at Orange Marmalade drizzled over that nail. Strikingly exquisite if I say so myself. 

 This is Orange Marmalade and she is a fruit preserve look a like that is elegant and easy on the eye. Loaded with all the yummy tasty goodness that an Orange Marmalade has to offer. Now I have never actually tried this type of jelly before but after making this polish I am really wanting to give it a shot. All these jellies are making me hungry. It makes me think of picnics and all that jazz. Perhaps a peanut butter and orange marmalade jelly sandwich? Would that even be good? I really don't know but I would be willing to try it. And you know how I am about my food! lol

 What do we have here? This is Pickled Watermelon. I sat in my polish room staring at my glitter for awhile trying to figure out how to make pickled watermelon polish. Lori actually came up with this brilliant idea of the Summer Jam Collection. She's pretty brilliant with her ideas..So as I sat there I was like- What in the world is pickled watermelon? I'm sure you can gather that I have not went exploring to deep into the jam and jelly world, but I tried the best I could to make what I thought would yell, "Pickled Watermelon". For some reason I think of pickles mixed with watermelon when I hear this term. Don't ask me why..haha But that is just what I envision. After some research online I found out that there are no pickles in the making of Pickled Watermelon Jelly. Whew... Good thing. I think that may have scarred me. Anyways, back to the Pickled Watermelon swatch- I love the watermelon accent she used on her nail. And how she used a red and green polish to layer Pickled Watermelon over. It's just one big juicy watermelon mani! LOVE IT!!!

 Look at all those shreds! It's slices of watermelon BABY!!!! O YAH!!!!!! Want a slice? Ok moving on..

 Watermelon sliced up all over that nail. Glittery gorgeous Pickled Watermelon hanging out on Lori's nail. Yum! Yum! Yum! Teddy Bears Picnic time...hahah This glitter topper is a clear base filled with pastel green shreds, cherry red shreds, and micro silver holographic glitter.

 Pickled Watermelon looking fantastic. Proud to be a watermelon man! Yes, indeed. He's headed to town for the watermelon seed spitting contest. :)

 This is Raspberry Compote. Looks dreamy huh? So breath taking and lovely. Lori painted "Raspberry Compote" over a red jelly polish. She added one of our AMAZING gorgeous nail charms that we have for sale in our store at You must check out all of our nail charms and cabochons. We have some beauties over there you don't want to miss out on.

 Raspberry Compote is getting a little close to the camera. 

Raspberry Compote is a clear base filled with matte cherry red hex, red shreds, and micro silver holographic glitter. Dip those nails into some spectacularly delicious Raspberry Sauce! Your nails will thank you!

Raspberry Compote is a sure fire way to make those nails look like they been hanging in the raspberry patch. It's chock-full of some incredible glitter. 

 Aww... Strawberry Preserves.... Wow! Now that looks so delicious. It literally looks like strawberry jam to me. This is a clear base filled with a mix of different sizes of pink hex and squares. This is really cool looking on the nail. You can easily get a full coverage out of this. Well, as a matter of fact, you can easily get full coverage with all of our glitter toppers. We like glitter on the brush please, not lots of liquid base. This lively summer jam packs a punch that those nails will enjoy! Layer over a red and watch it POP! No runny batch here. Just juicy plump glitter filled to the top!

 Strawberry Preserves up close in the bottle. Look at all that incredible strawberry goodness! 

 I have no words for this! Look how INCREDIBLE this looks on the nail. A great glitter topper for anyone embarking upon a Strawberry Preserve adventure. Oh, good old strawberries! That juicy edible red fruit dipped in sugar makes a fantastic midnight snack or when you have a sweet tooth that just won't stop. I love strawberries dipped in sugar! Strawberries don't last long around my house. Me and my daughter tend to devour those pretty quickly. lol

 Strawberry Preserves really want to come home with you. Won't you please take her and give her a good home? She is patiently waiting in two different stores for you to scoop her up.
Glitter Lambs Shop
Glitter Lambs Polish Etsy Shop

June 16, 2014

Nail Charms By Glitter Lambs "Nail Candy" CANDY FOR YOUR NAILS

Glitter Lambs Nail Charms
Candy for your nails!

You must go to our website at and check out our new nail charms we have. We Owl Nail Charms, Rhinestone Nail Charms, Pearl Nail Charms, Rose Nail Charms, Bow Nail Charms, Pink Nail Charms... You get the 

Blue Rhinestone Owl Nail Charm

3D Color Shifting Multi Color Nail Charm

Blue Rhinestone Nail Charm

Clear Rhinestone Nail Charm

 Clear Rhinestone Nail Charm

 3D Light Pink Crystal Nail Charm

3D Pink Rose Pearl Bowknot Nail Charm

Pink Bow Nail Charm

Purple Nail Charm

 Nail Charms

 Nail Charms

 Nail Charms

 Nail Charms

 Nail Charms

  Nail Charms

Resin Cabochon Decorations DIY Crafts Kawaii and Polymer Clay Decorations

May take a minute to many pictures.....

You must check out our resin cabochon kawaii decorations! We have lots to choose from!

Pink Gumball Machine Cabochon Decorations Kawaii 

 Cake Rolls Polymer Clay Decorations Cabochons Food Sweet Desserts

 Cookie Wafer Cabochon Decorations Kawaii Food Sweet Desserts

 Cupcake Cabochons Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

 Dessert Cake Cabochons Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

 Donut Cabochons Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

Ice Cream Ball Cabochons Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

Ice Cream Cabochons Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

Ice Cream Cone Cabochons Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

Ice Cream Cone With Pink Bow Cabochons 
Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

 Ice Cream Cone With Heart Cabochons 
Kawaii Dessert Food Decorations

 Lollipop Cabochon Decoration Sweet Desserts Polymer Clay
Kawaii Food Decorations

 Lollipop Cabochon Decorations 
Sweet Desserts Kawaii Food

Cookie Cabochon Decorations Food

Sweet Dessert Fimo Polymer Clay Sticks For Nail Art

Pastel Bow Cabochon Decorations 

Pink Heart Sunglasses Cabochon Decorations

Pony Horse Kawaii Decorations Cabochons

Rainbow Heart Pastel Cabochon Decorations Kawaii

Milk Chocolate Cabochon Decoration Food Kawaii

Strawberry Cake Resin Cabochon Decoration Kawaii Food

Ice Cream Ball Scoops Decorations Kawaii Polymer Clay

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