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June 7, 2014

Carnival Ride Glitter Topper Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs

Carnival Ride Glitter Topper Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs

This glitter topper is called Carnival Ride and is a clear base filled with pastel hex in different sizes, rainbow metallic hex, neon hex in different sizes. I added 1 coat of Carnival Ride over a light pink nail polish color in the picture above and below. It's really pretty! This is perfect for gradients as well.

Just look at all those pretty fancy glitters!!! SPARKLY!!!!!!!!

 Here is a close bottle shot of Carnival Ride.

Here you can see all my swatches of different polishes! But we are focusing on the Carnival ride one for now. This has such soft and bright neon glitters that really give it a unique look. It's almost similar to our Taste The Rainbow polish but not quite. 

 Here is a nice bottle shot of Carnival Ride. Looks at all those awesome glitters piled in that bottle. Gorgeous!

 I thought of the Carnival Ride name because it has so much going on in it. Kind of like a Carnival. All the lights and noise and smells of food... You get the idea. This is a really pretty topper and you totally need this on your nails! Shop our Glitter Topper Nail Polishes.

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