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June 7, 2014

Fourth Of July Glitter Topper Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs

 Swatched by @LacqueredLori

Fourth of July Glitter Topper Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs

This polish is called Fourth of July and is a clear base filled with mini blue matte stars, white stars, matte cherry red hex, shifting rainbow hex, Iridescence hex and silver holographic hex. This is one loaded glitter bomb and just twinkles and sparkles like no ones business. lol This is pretty! And just in time for the the Fourth of July! This has Red, White and Blue all in it and then the sparkly holo glitters just really sets this off. 

Fourth of July on the right and Carnival Ride on the left.

Here is a nice close up bottle shot of the amazing glitter mix! I present you FOURTH OF JULY! It's like FIREWORKS going off! This is a STUNNING Glitter packed polish! 

Here is one 1 tiny coat of Fourth of July on a purple nail. It took this photo inside the house.

 Here is another shot out in the sunlight in my yard. 

 Fourth of July bottle shot.

 Swatch of Fourth of July on a purple nail. ONLY 1 Coat. I did a gradient with it.... Cute I know...haha

 Here is a little bit closer pic. I took this picture inside the house. 

  You can see the silver holo glitter really shining in the shot. 

Closer whole bottle shot of Fourth of July! 

Lots of pretty Fireworks going on huh? 
BEAUTIFUL FOURTH OF JULY glitter topper!!!!!! :)

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