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June 7, 2014

Pillsbury Doughboy and Pillsbury Doughgirl Nail Polish by Glitter Lambs

Pillsbury Doughboy And Pillsbury Doughgirl Glitter Topper Nail Polish

This glitter topper nail polish is called Pillsbury Doughboy.

 This polish is called Pillsbury Doughgirl.

I thought I would whip up some simple shredded matte glitter for both of these. The blue is called "Pillsbury Doughboy" and the pink is called "Pillsbury Doughgirl".

Pillsbury Doughboy is a clear base polish that is filled with lots of white shreds and matte blue shreds. This is a simple glitter that would look good over lots of colors. I decided to put it over a blue as you can see from the swatches below.

Pillsbury Doughgirl is a clear base filled with lots of white shreds and light bubblegum pink shreds. I added this over a pink base as you can see from the swatch below. I only added 1 coat of glitter for both of these.

Here are the swatches on a nail. I only added 1 coat of glitter on top of the colors.

Pillsbury Doughboy on right and Pillsbury Doughgirl on left.

A more close up picture of the shredded glitters on top of the nail! :) Look how much glitter you get with only 1 coat! 

 Here is a side by side shot of the polishes.

A Really really close up shot Pillsbury Doughboy....

Pillsbury Doughboy close up

A really really close up of Pillsbury Doughgirl...

Pillsbury Doughgirl 

 Pillsbury Doughboy and Pillsbury Doughgirl just hanging out. 
Don't they look cute!

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