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August 29, 2014

"It's So Fluffy" Glitter Topper Indie Nail Polish

"It's So FLUFFY!" 
Glitter Topper Nail Polish

Fabulous pictures taken by @LacqueredLori

This is a clear base filled with pink dots, pink hex in many different sizes, white squares, and rainbow holographic hex. 1-2 coats of this over a hot pink color would be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! 

This picture was taken outside. The holographic rainbow glitter looks large in the pictures but actually it's small. In person it just looks pink and white with some tiny glitter. This is a really pretty girly pink glitter mix.  This is available in my shop. BUY NOW.

August 16, 2014

DIY Despicable Me Birthday Party Food Card Label Ideas For Kids

DIY Despicable Me Birthday Party 
Food Card Label Ideas For Kids

Here is a really cute idea for your kids Despicable Me Birthday Party. Searching online will give you the best ideas for doing your own DIY birthday party for your child.  

This is POOFY DRESSES.... A food label card featuring Gruzinkerbell! These fluffy pink dress snacks are actually pink snowballs that you can get at Walmart. They remind me of the fluffy pink dress that Gru was wearing when he showed up for the party. The little plastic containers you see are actually from the dollar tree and were only $1.00. 

Here is UNICORN HORNS.... These is a HUGE GIGANTIC lollipop that reminded me of a unicorn horn. I got this at the dollar tree too. 

 Here is GRU AND LUCY"S WEDDING RINGS... Featuring some ring pops in a plastic bowl. Tasty! What a yummy idea!

 Here is VECTOR"S ORANGE JUMPSUITS....These are just circus peanuts that I picked up at the dollar tree. It was the best I could come up with for an orange jumpsuit. lol

 You can throw a cheap birthday party for your child by using some really cheap candy from the dollar tree and printing some cute food cards out online. I made these myself by just searching online for cute images. Make your own and come up with some clever ideas for your kid!!!

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August 6, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Frosting Lid

DIY Mason Jar Frosting Lid 

I made this for my daughter for her to put her lipgloss in or whatever else she wants to add in it. This sugary delight of goodness was so much FUN to make! This is simple enough for anyone to do. 

What you need:
  • Ziplock Freezer Bag
  • Scissors
  • Frosting Tip #106
  • DAP Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone (got mine at Home Depot)
  • Caulk Gun
  • Mason Jar With Lid
  • Cabochons (plastic food decorations to stick in frosting)

I made a piping bag like I would if I was frosting a cake. I took my scissors and cut a small tip off of the ziplock freezer bag and used a #106 frosting tip. 

I squeezed a very large handful of the caulk into the bag. 

 Then I began to pipe the caulk frosting on the top of the lid.

 Here is what it looked like when I did one layer on the lid. I piped more on top of this and began to build it up higher.

 Here is what it looked like when I got the height I wanted. 

 Then I stuck the cabochons in the frosting. I stuck a lollipop in the top and added some oreos, cookie wafers, M&M's, and some colored beads for sprinkles.

 Here is the finished frosting mason jar lid. Looks really pretty!

 I just love how this turned out! I want to make more now! But I put it up for now. You buy a plain wood picture frame and decorate around the frame the same way. You could add this frosting to so many different things. These would be wonderful for Christmas time. You could make so many Christmas ornaments.

 Love Love Love this!!!! It just looks so REAL! I want to eat it! lol You can buy the little cabachons on Etsy.

DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Craft

DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Craft

Here is a simple DIY idea to decorate and add to your room decor for fun. Try attaching it to picture frames, bulletin boards, or anything you can think of. You can make lots of different desserts but let's just start with the Ice Cream Sandwich first. This is what you will need.

 You will need:
  • Brown Foam Sheet- 2 sheets
  • White Foam Sheet- 1 sheet
  • Stick Glue
  • Pen
  • Scissors

 I took my 3 foam sheets and sandwiched it together. Brown, White and Brown was the order I layed it in. Then I grabbed my scissors and just cut through all three pieces of foam and made a square. This is what it will look like. I didn't do in measuring or anything. I just eyeballed it. I really wish I had some of that thick white foam instead but I couldn't find any at walmart. So I just went with the thin foam. I wanted the white ice cream part to be thicker in the middle. You can buy thicker white foam in different craft stores. What would have worked best would have been those little square white makeup sponges that are already perfectly cut out for you. They are sold at walmart. They also come in circles and wedges. You can make lollipops out of the round circle foam ones. Just an idea for you. :)
 So here is the Ice Cream Sandwich cutout. Just use some stick glue and glue them together.

 Next you want to use a pen and just lightly push some dents into the brown foam. This will finish off the look to really make it look like an Ice Cream Sandwich. And that's it! Your all done. Now you can make lots of more of these little ice cream sandwiches and stick them to whatever you want. Add these in the corners of a picture frame to make it sweet! :) You can even use them for Christmas decorations and hang them on a tree. Some many things you can do with these sweet dessert treats! Have FUN!!!
Here is the finished look! Pretty tasty looking huh?!?

August 2, 2014

Paris Room Makeover- Eiffel Tower Themed Bedroom Idea

Paris Room Makeover

I helped my daughter makeover her room. She wanted a Paris theme so we went to Hobby Lobby and found some really cute stuff. You can go to her website and check it out over there if you want. Our Hobby Lobby was having a sale on so many items that we bought. Her bedspread was bought from walmart. I will get pictures of all that soon and uploaded. I am waiting to get the bookcases up beside her bed.

You can buy some of the items online from

Add a touch of French elegance to your home decor with this Black Eiffel Tower Lamp with Stripe Shade. The black metal Eiffel Tower base elevates the black and white stripe shade. A hot pink satin bow adds just the right amount of eye-catching color.  
The lamp features a black cord & plug and requires one Type A 60 Watt light bulb. Light bulb is not included.
  • Width: 9"
  • Height: 7 1/2"
  • Height: 19"

It's posh! It's chic! Who wouldn't love this Pink, Black & Gray Paris Eiffel Tower Plaque in their room as it is a great way to add pizzazz to any décor. Hanging hardware is incorporated in the design. 
  • Width: 16"
  • Height: 20 1/2"
  • Depth: 1 1/2"

Add color and a fun twist to children's wall décor with this plastic Black & Pink Victorian Style Wall Clock.
Size: 15" wide x 16" high x 1" thick
Requires one AA battery (not included).

This beautiful Large Hot Pink Flower Metal Wall Decor will make a fun and whimsical statement in any room it is placed in. 
Size: 22"

We actually bought two pink flowers but I am waiting on her bookcases to get here to finish hanging stuff up. I will add the rest of the pictures when it gets here. She does have a desk area that is not pictured here because I am still working on that area. We also bought some pink vines from Hobby Lobby and hung them over her doors using thumb tacks to keep them in place. We just decided to go with pink flowers so it would tie in with her hot pink decor in her room.

Here is a close up of the pink flower vine over the door.

This is a black chandelier that is hanging over her bed. I just screwed a small hook into the ceiling to hang it from. We actually found this in the Birthday Party section in Hobby Lobby. 

We got three black chalkboard signs to hang up. I just used pushpins for these. They were not heavy at all. We has also purchased some chalk and my daughter picked the words out that she wanted written on the chalkboards. I really like these a lot. You can erase it and write something else when the mood fits! 

 Here is a picture of her lollipops on her curtains. A lollipop was added to each end of the curtain rod. They were just attached by pushing a pushpin through the back of the curtain straight into the styrofoam lollipop. 2 pushpins were used on each lollipop. 

The lollipops were found in the Christmas section. Christmas is already out at Hobby Lobby and it's only August.Wow! It's early! They had the cutest section of candy land treats to choose from. I wanted them all. I LOVE candy decorations! I can't stress enough how ADORABLE they all were. 

 My daughter also wanted to some glass jars to add marbles to so she could sit a flickering light in. She also got some glass jars with lids and black chalkboard stickers that she added to them and filled with marbles too. She added her lipgloss in one jar and germ x collection in the other. We will take pictures of all that soon and get them on here so you can see. 

 Here is her fancy piggy bank she just had to have. It's a shoe with black fur and rhinestones running down the shoe. It's zebra striped which I particularly love...It should really go in my bedroom. lol

And of course she needed fancy jeweled up scissors so she can feel like a princess when she cuts and does DIY stuff. Wish I had got one for me now. sigh....

This is her LARGE glitter cupcake she wanted. The lid opens up and you can store things in it. This would actually be pretty easy to make yourself. 

All you would need is:
1 Cupcake shaped or Round Shaped Paper Mache Box- (you can buy at walmart)
Hot Glue Gun
Pastel Glitter Sparkle Pom Poms
Plastic Jewels or Rhinestones
White Fuzzy Soft Material

You can mostly get everything from Walmart. Just paint your paper mache box or cupcake shaped box with pink paint. Then use white paint glitter to brush on. Let dry. Then add your white fuzzy material. You will need to sew these into ruffles if you can. Lots of tutorials online to see how you do that. It's really not that hard. Just hot glue the ruffles on top of the paper mache. If you are using a cupcake shaped paper mache this will work fine. If you are using a flat paper mache box then you will need to build the base up first before you hot glue your ruffles on. Otherwise your will have a flat cupcake. Then just hot glue your fuzzy pom poms all over and some pretty rhinestone gems. And that's it! Your done! They sell so many different kinds of shapes of paper mache for you to decorate such as letters, stars, alphabet, etc. Just look around and see what you can find. Sky is the limit with this stuff. And it's so neat because you can decorate it and paint it to match the bedroom theme you have. 

 Here are the paper lantern lights that are draped over the vanity mirror along with the pink flower vines.

This Paris Eiffel Tower matched perfect with her theme. This also was picked up a hobby lobby. They do have black ones but we went with a pink one instead. More pictures to come...The bookcases just arrived as I was typing. So I guess that means I will get to help put those together now. O boy! haha

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