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September 15, 2014

DIY Safari Zebra Giraffe Themed Birthday Party

DIY Safari Zebra Giraffe 
Themed Birthday Party

I had my husband spray paint the little wood card holder that you see in the above picture. We used a very pastel pink spray paint and lighly misted it so the wood would still show through some to give a shabby chic effect. I made some zebra cards on my computer and printed them out and stuck them in the little wood card holders that we had painted. I used a large zebra for decoration next to the punch and added some marshmallows to a glass holder. I stuck some cupcake toppers that were zebra and safari themed into the marshmallows. I actually used a brand new safari curtain as the tablecloth. I thought it matched perfectly with it. I added marshmallows to the blue punch just to make it pretty. 

I made the cups using mason jars and adding some really cute safari themed cupcake liners to them and twisted the lid over them. I poked a hole in the top with a pen and then inserted a straw in it. I had black and brown straws that went well with this. You can find them on Amazon or Ebay. I had my husband spray paint a wooden vase black and then I took skewers and just jabbed them through pink wafers....wrapper and all! This will keep them fresh until it's time to eat them! We also spray painted a wood slab black and added some pebbles on top of it and set the mason jar drinks on it. 

Here is a better picture of the safari themed cupcake toppers I stuck down in the marshmallows. You could sprinkle candy or M&M's on top of it to give it some color. Or trying using black and brown candy only to match your safari theme. Try making popcorn and mixing in milk dudes and whoppers in it to match. I know I made blue punch for this but you could try making root beer or root bear floats. The colors would go great with it. 

 Here is close up picture of the DIY wooden food card holder. We sell these in our Church House Woodworks Etsy shop along with the other wood products you see in the pictures. We only sell them in the natural wood but you can paint them to match any event you are having!!! :) Try adding glitter all over them to make them SPARKLE!! I love glitter in case if you didn't know that already. 

 You can see a hint of the candle holder in the back that we spray painted black too. I used one of my round safari candles and set it on top. We do sell these in our shop too! We painted this card holder black and stuck the ZEBRA PUNCH card that I made down in it. 

 Here is a close up view of the tall snacks I made using wooden skewers and pink wafers. I stood my tall giraffe next to it to make it look like it was eating them.

 Here is the wood slice before we painted black. 

Here is the wooden vase before we painted it black too.

Here is the card holder and small wood slice with a hole drilled in the top. We also spray painted these black too but I just didn't get a picture of the black. I only pictures of some of the other colors we did. This one happens to be our purple one. You can paint any of our wood items any color you want to match your event!

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