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September 12, 2014

Mickey's Purple Pumpkin Glitter Topper Nail Polish

Mickey's Purple Pumpkin

The sky has really been cloudy here lately and trying to capture of picture of anything is really not working well. It seems like every time it comes time to take pictures outside the weather just seems to turn yucky! The sun is literally hiding behind really dark gray clouds today. As always, glitter toppers are so much more prettier in person anyways. lol

Mickey's Purple Pumpkin: a glitter topper nail polish in a clear base filled with black mouse heads, large round purple dot holographic glitter, large round violet dot holographic glitter, Medium size round violet dot holographic glitter, gray dots in different sizes, and black shreds.

This glitter comes with a small baggie of black mouse heads and a small baggie of large round violet dot glitter. These can be used for glitter placement. Larger glitter tends to sink to the bottom or becomes difficult to remove from the bottle so I am sending extra glitter so you can place the glitter on your nail where you want it. 

Try applying this glitter topper over a silver, purple or white polish to really set it off. It looks it's best over a white. 

*****This is meant to be a glitter topper and not a full coverage glitter nail polish. Just add this glitter topper over another nail polish color to make it SPARKLE!!!!!*****

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Bottle is 15ml. 

Finish it off with a clear coat for a smooth look.

Free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate

Will ship in 1-3 Business days.

 Here is the picture of the glitter baggies that come with the polish. I put about 1/8 tsp of glitter in each bag.

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