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October 11, 2014

Christmas Is Coming Soon And So Are The Christmas Nail Polishes

Glitter Lambs Nail Polish is a custom blended glitter topper nail lacquer that is made by me and sold in our Etsy shop. We offer a nice variety of different glitter mixes and your sure to find something you like. Christmas will be here before we know it and we have been working on launching a very interesting glitter topper just for you guys! It's called the "Christmas Leopard Collection" and will have some very unique and interesting leopard glitter spots throughout the bottle. Leopard spot glitter is pretty new to the scene but I predict you will see these little leopard spot glitters saturated through out the indie world very soon. It don't figure it will take long before everyone will have their hands on it. I do think it's pretty cool and would make for some very gorgeous mani's using these little glitters.

Speaking of Christmas time, I have been entertaining the thought of what kind of glitter topper nail polishes would be amazing for the Christmas season? I have had so many different color combinations running through my brain on what to do. The ever popular colors seem to be red, green and white during that time of the year. It's kind of a win win and it's hard to go wrong with those colors.

I have been wanting to make an all white glitter topper nail polish and call it "Snowball" or "Winter Wonderland". I think white is just perfect to lay over any base color. Nothing better than having some snow glitter on that nail while sipping on some hot chocolate.

Below are some ideas of names and glitter colors to go with them. What do you think? Which name or names are your favorite that you would want on your nails?

Snowball Nail Polish- an all white glitter filled with only 1 type of white glitter. It could be white hex, white shreds, white dots, white circles, etc.

Candy Cane Nail Polish- red and white hex glitter with micro shimmer

Hot Chocolate Nail Polish- brown hex with micro shimmer

Christmas Ball Decorations Nail Polish- very large holographic dot glitter with micro shimmer

Snowman Nail Polish - White dots in three different sizes with tiny rainbow holographic hex

Christmas Tree Nail Polish- tiny green glitter hex with large round circle gold glitter and large round silver circle glitter through out

Christmas Candy Nail Polish - neon hex and neon dot glitters in many different colors

Christmas Popcorn Balls Nail Polish - round yellow dots scattered through out an all white hex glitter

Candied Popcorn Nail Polish - yellow hex with neon hex and squares in different colors scattered throughout

Christmas Garland Nail Polish- silver holographic shreds

Gumdrops Nail Polish - green, purple, red, orange dot glitter with frosted flakes thoughout

Christmas Sweater Nail Polish - red hex with scattered gray dots

Snowstorm Nail Polish - white shreds with micro shimmer

Snowball Land Nail Polish - tiny white hex only

Gingerbread Cookies Nail Polish- brown hex with white dots

Gingerbread House Nail Polish- tan hex with scattered blue, red, green, pink, yellow hex and dots with micro shimmer

Fruitcake Nail Polish - dark green hex with red hex

Pecan Pie Nail Polish - caramel hex glitter with micro shimmer

Sugar Cookies Nail Polish- white hex with pink stars

Christmas Cupcake Nail Polish- white shreds with red dots and green dots

Christmas Presents Nail Polish- White bows and red and green squares with holographic blue/white bars

Snowflakes Nail Polish- snowflake shaped glitter

Christmas Donuts Nail Polish- White doughnut circle shaped glitter with holographic rainbow hex

Christmas Cake Frosting Nail Polish- White shreds with pink dots

Christmas Bells Nail Polish- red and green bell shaped glitter

Silver Bells Nail Polish- Silver Dots in many different sizes with micro shimmer

Okay so there is a small list of incredible cute names and glitter mixes. We will be selling some of these during the Christmas season so keep a lookout. And don't forget that we have the most AMAZING Christmas Leopard Collection coming soon. You really need this as a part of your Christmas collection this year. Do you have a neat name and glitter mix you would like for us to make? Leave a comment down below and tell us what you would love to see in our store and we will see what we can do! We are always open for new ideas!

Most of our glitter toppers are jam packed with glitter. You will never have to fish for glitter in our polish. However, there may be times that we use a heavier glitter and naturally these heavier types of glitter will find their way away from the top. We do use a thick suspension base to keep our glitters suspended so for the most part the fishing for glitters is not going to happen. If you find that your polish has gotten thicker over time, don't worry this is normal and can easily be fixed with some polish thinner. Just add a little to the bottle and shake up. This will thin it out and make the polish application thinner. This actually happens with some of the major name brand polishes and it's not abnormal for polish to thicken up over time especially when there is a lot of glitter in the bottle. So whatever you do, "DON"T THROW AWAY THE POLISH!". Many people make the mistake of thinking the polish is bad and toss it in the trash but don't do that. It's easily fixable and you can extend the life of the polish for a very long time. I have bought some dollar store glitter toppers before and after like two uses it turned into a very thick gloppy mess. But after adding some polish thinner to it and shaking it up it was back to normal again. You can save some of your gorgeous glitter toppers from the dreadful trashcan just by giving it a little drink of polish thinner. It works perfect every time! You can find polish thinner in  your local beauty stores. I wish I had known this information a long time ago.

Okay, so back to Christmas nails. Do you generally do Christmas nail art for the holidays or are you the type that would just rather paint your nails and top it with some glitter?  I find myself landing in the arena of just slapping some paint on my nails and topping them with some glitter only because I can't do all that awesome nail art. Now, I like to draw and stuff but only on my wacom that I use. I wish I could draw on my nails like I draw on the computer. That would be a great accomplishment if I could do that. Not to mention I need a lot of room and a small tiny stub of a nail that I have been graciously blessed with just don't cut it if you want to do nail art. I do wish I had fake nails. But, I am not sure I would be able to maintain them like I would need to. I could see them growing out pretty quick and they would need to be filled in and I would never make it back to the nail salon to get them fixed. That is how I see that happening. Who knows, I might get some before Christmas if I feel energetic enough to go and have it done. Maybe I will.....Maybe I won't....We shall see....

I can't tell you how much I love seeing the incredible cute Christmas nail art designs. There is so many extremely talented nail artists that I have came across and have had the privilege of getting to know in the instagram world. I am literally stunned at so many nail designs I see. I really adore the Christmas scenes that sports the fun cartoon characters and really brings the nail to life. I am sucker for rich bright colors and anything dealing with cartoons. Oh, and if you throw in some leopard designs then good grief you had me at hello! I LOVE LOVE LOVE leopard design nail art. I go ga ga over that stuff. So many that know me well on instagram know that I got a huge thing for leopard. I just adore animal print. And it's not just leopard, it can be giraffe, zebra, etc. I am down with it all. lol That is why I am so excited about this Christmas Leopard Collection that is coming. I figure this collection will find itself a nice spot on my shelf somewhere so I can use these babies throughout the Christmas season as much as I want. Who am I kidding, it don't even have to be Christmas for me to wear my own Leopard collection. haha :) Leopard is good for anytime of the year!

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