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December 4, 2014

Christmas Nutcracker Glitter Nail Polishes

 Christmas Nutcracker Nail Polish

This has so much glitter going on in it.  I am sorry to say that this is NOT available in my shop. This is a custom for myself for this Christmas. Let's see what went into this bottle!

Gold Holo Stars- (3) 1/4tsp
Plain Silver .020 1/4tsp
White Hex .008 1tsp
Gold Holographic Dots .118  1/4tsp
Silver Shreds 1/4 tsp
Red Hearts 1/4
Blue Mini Stars 1/4 tsp
Gold Holographic Slices 1/4tsp
Purple, Black and Grey Hex mix 1/4 tsp
Red and Pink Hex mix 1/4 tsp
Rainbow colored shifting iridescent hex .015 1/4
Sand Colored Hex Glitter .008 1/4tsp

 This is the raw glitter mix before I added it to the bottle. LOOK AT ALL THAT GLITTER GOING ON IN THIS!!!!!

 The sliver glitter really stands out a lot in this glitter mix. 

This is 2 coats on the nail.

As you can see from the picture the holographic glitter is really showing well.

Here is another Christmas Nutcracker glitter topper nail polish down below. This polish has the same name but different glitters.This is NOT available in my shop. These are extras I made up for myself. Basically just playing in my glitter. lol 

This one has neon hex mix in many different sizes and I added the "Million Dollar Gradient" mix to this. THIS ONE IS JUST GORGEOUS!! IF you own our million dollar gradient polish then you know what I am talking about. It's like AMAZING and then I added some neon hex and violet Holographic dots .078. I posted some of the swatches of our "Million Dollar Gradient" pictures down below just so you can see the glitter mix that I am talking about. 
 Christmas Nutcracker hanging with a nutcracker..hee hee

 Heres a nice shot of the Christmas Nutcracker out in the sun. 

Christmas Nutcracker laying down resting. 

Million Dollar Gradient mix... This one is a MUST HAVE!!!! This is the polish I used to mix with the other glitter to come up with the 2nd Christmas Nutcracker nail polish you seen up above. This has got to be the most gorgeous stunning polish I have made to date. It has the most incredible twinkle to it and it looks good over EVERYTHING! I really like the solid glitter toppers that are just one color because they are so versatile. They go good with anything. Such as our "Snowball", "Snow Storm", "Rainbow", "Pink Christmas Sugar Cookie", "A Twist Of Galaxy". These are just to name a few.

 More Million Dollar Gradients pictures... BEAUTIFUL!!??!

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