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December 2, 2014

Leopard Spot Glitter Placement For Your Nails

Leopard Spot Glitter Placement For Your Nails
You will get 1/4 tsp of Leopard Spot Glitter Placement for your nails in either black or white. Just pick from the drop down menu which color you want or if you want both.The picture shows exactly how much you will be getting in a small plastic ziplock baggie.

If you get both then you will get 1/4tsp of the Black Leopard Spot glitter and 1/4 tsp of the White Leopard Spot Glitter.

If you need more then just message me before you buy.

To use:
Just paint your nails in the color you want and let dry. Then add a clear coat on top and lay the spots on to the nail. Then add another top coat to seal it in. These will create a very adorable leopard mani without having to draw the animal print on the nail.

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