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April 25, 2015

Sun Dazzler Glaze- Pretty Pink Nails With Ice Cream Nail Charm- Nail Pictures

Ice Cream Nail Charm- Pink Nail Pictures
Sun Dazzler Glaze swatched by @lifeisbetterpolished and I just adore this over the pink and I am really loving that ice cream nail charm! The accent nail has our "Cotton Candy Bubble Bath" glitter topper nail polish on it. 

This is called "Sun Dazzler Glaze" because this only shows off what it has in the sun. 

This has a color shift from aqua blue-to-purple. However, when I look at it I mostly see blue and green shifts. This is a .004 micro coloring changing glitter flake. It looks more like dust to me in person. It's like the most gorgeous glitter dust for your nail. If your going to the beach for the summer you need some of this on. This glitter LOVES the sunlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See more pictures of our Sun Dazzler Glaze on other people's nails!


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