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May 2, 2015

Sally Girl Hydrating Lip Gloss Review- THICK AMAZING LIP GLOSS!

Sally Girl Hydrating Lip Gloss Review by Glitter Lambs
Sally Girl Hydrating Lip Gloss Review
By Glitter Lambs

If your looking for a lip gloss that is thick, cheap, and actually works then you might want to try some of Sally Girl's clear lip gloss. This is a very thick lip gloss that is AMAZING and feels great on your lips. It looks like you sealed your lips in a glass coat finish. I love how thick this is. It actually does hydrate your lips and gives such a pretty look over another lipstick shade. These are only 99 cents. They are mini squeeze tubes and I have them in a few different colors. This has no scent to it. I own some other expensive brands of lip gloss from other companies and have noticed that they they get really really sticky over time. Really bad sticky. These don't do that. These are not sticky at all. By the way, your lip gloss will be full to the top. I have been using this one so that is why the liquid is low on this one. Just so you know. lol 

Hop on over to the Sally Girl website and check out their affordable products! 



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