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September 18, 2015

The Best Pillow EVER! Review by Glitter Lambs "Candlewood Suites Pillows"

The Best Pillow EVER! Review by Glitter Lambs "Candlewood Suites Pillows"
The Best Pillow EVER! 
Review by Glitter Lambs
Restful Nights Pillows

I am not one to get to excited about a pillow when I stay somewhere on vacation but this pillow was amazing, fluffy and comfortable. It was so good that I just had to write a review on it.  

I can't begin to express how good this pillow is. 

No kidding! 

After the 1st night's sleep I woke up the next day and I was checking out the tag on the pillow and told my husband that I have to have this pillow. 

We must order this. 

This is the best pillow I have seriously ever slept on. 

I usually wake up with cricks in my neck a lot. The mattress we slept on was Superior as well and I was even trying to find a tag or who the mattress was by, so we could look into buying this but I couldn't find any information on the mattress. was that good. 

We stayed several nights and each day I woke up with no crick in my neck and my back didn't feel twisted like it usually does.

If your looking for a pillow then look no further. You MUST TRY THIS ONE OUT! 

The tag on it reads- "RESTFUL NIGHTS"

I went to the website and couldn't order straight from the website so we went to Amazon to look and we found them.

I was a little worried that it might not be the same pillow, but it was. 

It was the exact same and I haven't regretted paying $42.00 for a pillow. I thought this thing better be worth it for the price. It was..... 

Awwwww ....the restful nights I have had since this amazing pillow has came into my home has been incredible.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this pillow. I read some of the reviews left about this pillow on Amazon and it had some mixed reviews. Which made me nervous about ordering the pillow because I really wanted the same pillow.

I have no complaints at all. 

All I know is that I got exactly what I was looking for.

The Best Pillow EVER! Review by Glitter Lambs "Candlewood Suites Pillows"
The Best Pillow EVER! Review by Glitter Lambs "Candlewood Suites Pillows"

Information On The Amazing Pillow:

The Restful Nights ® Trillium ® polyester pillow contains blown gel fiber. 

Trillium ® pillows made by Restful Nights ® are an excellent alternative to soft down and feather pillows. 

These gel fiber pillows are moldeable and shape to the form that you want. 

At the same time this line of polyester pillows retain their support and shape. 

This versatility makes the Restful Nights ® Trillium ® polyester pillow a good choice for those looking for a soft, shapeable pillow. 

Moreover, this line of gel fiber pillows have a 230 thread count outer covering. 

This robust cover ensures that any Trillium ® polyester gel fiber pillow is extremely durable and will have a long life. 

Design - Soft support polyester synthetic pillow. Ideal for any sleep position. 

Fabric - 230 Thread Count 100% cotton. 

Fill - 100% polyester fiber, blown gel fiber. 

Fill Weight - 28 ounces. 

Construction - Single chamber design. 

Tick - 230 thread count, 100% cotton cover. 

Edge - Double needle corded edge. 

Care Instructions - Machine wash and dry. 

1 standard pillow

I bought mine at this link right here:

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