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December 6, 2015

My 2015 Christmas Tree and Snoopy Decorations- Candy And Lollipops, Resin Reindeers, And Gingerbread Boys

Snoopy Cardboard Prop Decoration From Oriental Trading

I thought I would snap a few pictures of my Christmas decorations I put up this year. I am totally obsessed with Snoopy and I seriously mean that. lol  So when I stumbled across all the snoopy decorations this year I was like Oh My Goodness! I just had to get some. I bought a huge snoopy cardboard prop from Oriental Trading that stands up and I love it! 

Snoopy wearing santa hat Stuffed Animal Singing Dancing Home Depot Christmas Throw Pillow Kohls Dont Get your tinsel in a tangle
I also have my singing dancing snoopy that is wearing the hat and my other snoopy is wearing a shirt that say's Prisoner of Love. The Christmas throw pillow say's Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle. I got this online from Kohl's. 

Metal Christmas Stocking Hanger Kirklands Reindeer Gingrbread Girl Penguin Reindeer
I finally got a metal stocking holder that I found at Kirklands. It has pretty sparkly glittery Christmas ball ornaments on the top of it. It's so cute! I bought the snowman stocking, gingerbread girl stocking, penguin stocking and reindeer stocking from Hobby Lobby.

Christmas Hobby Lobby Decorations Snowman Gingerbread House Glitter
Here is my Hobby Lobby Snowman and Christmas gingerbread houses. I call it a gingerbread house, but I am not sure if that is what it really is. 

Pink Nutcracker Hobby Lobby Gingerbread Cookies Cupcake Gingerbread House Glitter Decorations
I got a pink nutcracker that went with the whole lollipop & candy theme I got going on in my living room. I really like the candies and gingerbreads and all that stuff. 

Gingerbread Boy Reindeer Resin Statue Deer Christmas Props Branson Missouri Hobby Lobby
I also got this huge gingerbread boy that is holding a sign that say's Merry Christmas from Hobby Lobby. He looks so good sitting next to my tree, huh?! He's Perfectly ADORABLE! We actually have had these 3 resin reindeer for years and years but we forgot we had them. My husband found them stuffed way in the back of our attic. Poor little lost reindeer. So happy we found these things again. We bought these little reindeer guys in Branson a long time ago. We have two matching reindeer that look just like these little reindeer that are 5 foot tall. We couldn't get them out this year because we did some remolding on the house and don't have room in our living room anymore. I may have to put them in the kitchen if I can find room.

Gingerbread Boy From Hobby Lobby And Icicles and Candy Decorations Hanging From Ceiling
I picked up 2 glittery gingerbread cookies from Hobby Lobby and I hung them from the ceiling with my glitter candies and strung some beautiful icicles with them.

Gingerbread Boy Candy Glitter Hanging From Ceiling Icicles Hobby Lobby

Candyland Christmas Tree Ornaments Decorations Lollipops Candy Snoopy Cardboard Prop Decoration Oriental Trading

Christmas Lollipops Candy Cupcakes Donuts Snowflakes Glitter Candy Canes Gingerbread Boy Train Decorations Ornaments Hobby Lobby Flowers Snoopy

Christmas Snoopy Wearing Santa Hat and Scarf Singing Dancing Home Depot
Got my singing dancing snoopy from Home Depot.

Home Depot Talking Baking Bear Christmas Recipe Baker
I got this talking baker bear from Home Depot. 

Gingerbread Boy Hobby Lobby Glitter Holding Stack of Cupcakes
This came from Hobby Lobby. It's a glittery gingerbread baker statue holding a stack of cupcakes that stands about 18 inches tall. I love this. 

Hobby Lobby Gingerbread Boy Glitter Holding Heart Chalkboard
Here is the miniature version of the Gingerbread baker next to a gingerbread boy that is holding a chalkboard heart. You can see smidge of the white Christmas tree that is covered in glitter and pom poms. 

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