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Friday, November 21, 2014

Frosted Reindeer Food Glitter Nail Polish

Frosted Reindeer Food
Glitter Topper Nail Polish For Christmas!

 Frosted Reindeer Food is a clear base filled with gorgeous iridescent glitters combined with very tiny white and pink hex in a .008. Then it has light pink stars and white circle doughnut looking glitter throughout. The stars and circles are a heavier glitter and seem to find their way away from the top so you will have to fish for those. If you want extra glitter for glitter placement then message me in my store and leave a note that you want the stars and circles and I will add two little baggies with 1/4 tsp of each glitter for you. You can easily leave the stars and circles off and go for a whole new look with only the other glitter and it looks like a frosted candy. It's just perfect and so gorgeous and looks totally delicious.

Here is a macro shot of the raw glitter mix before I put it in the bottle. I just love the iridescent glitter in this. Sometimes adding iridescent glitter into the mix will cause the base to become a little thicker than usual. If you find that it becomes to thick for you just add a little polish thinner to the bottle and this will make it much easier to shake up for you.

 The picture of the nails all show 3 coats. This polish has a really good coverage if you want to wear this on it's on. Try layering this over a light pink. It's just beautiful!

Close up on the nail!!! This base color is Eighty4 "Play Date" and I applied 3 coats of "Frosted Reindeer Food" over it. Looks AWESOME!

The first nail is "Frosted Reindeer Food" on it's own. The second nail is over a light pink by Eighty4 called "Play Date", the third nail is over a white in Salon Perfect "Sugar Cube".

The first nail is "Frosted Reindeer Food" on it's own. The second nail is over a light pink by Eighty4 called "Play Date", the third nail is over a white in Salon Perfect "Sugar Cube", and last nail it's over Salon Perfect"Fired Up Fuchia".

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jack Frost Nail Polish

Jack Frost Nail Polish

This is called Jack Frost and this is the most beautiful blue glitter topper ever! This is a clear base filled with light baby blue hearts, blue dots, white hex, blue hex and squares in different sizes, and some iridescent glitter in different sizes.

How gorgeous is the BLUE?! I love this one! 

 Here is a bottle shot of "Jack Frost".

Here is Jack Frost our some nails. The first nail is coated in a purple polish that I made myself and then I applied some Jack Frost over the top of it. The second nail is Essie "Mod Square" and the last nail is Essie "Mint Candy Apple". (and the green nail is the Grinch Dust that is for sale in our shop too) The Essie Mint Candy Apple combined with Jack Frost was out of this world GORGEOUS! I am not even kidding. This is the perfect combo.  

 This polish comes with 1/4 tsp of Blue Baby Hearts when you buy this polish for glitter placement. If you do not want the extra hearts then PLEASE let me know in the notes when you check out. Thanks!

 Jack Frost Nail Polish

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grinch Dust Glitter Topper Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs

 "Grinch Dust" 
Glitter Topper Nail Polish 
By Glitter Lambs

Grinch Dust is a clear base filled with the most gorgeous gold and silver hex mix with some emerald green hex .008 and green hex in .040. The sparkle on this is more amazing in person. Trying to capture that twinkling gold hex mix is always so hard to do. 1-2 coats over another color will really make this beautiful! This looks great over lots of colors but really stands out over white and black really makes it pop. The glitter is thick enough to do gradients with.

 The picture makes it look like there is different colors of blues and reds but there is not. The gold and silver hex mix is just reflecting that way on the camera when I take pictures. This polish looks green and gold in person. 

This is 1 light coat over a clear nail.

This is for sale in our shop! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reindeer Games Glitter Nail Polish By Glitter Lambs- A FUN CHRISTMAS INDIE POLISH

Reindeer Games Glitter Nail Polish 
By Glitter Lambs
"A Fun Christmas Indie Polish!"
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This is a very cute and adorable glitter topper that is loaded with SO many different glitters. Take a look at the list of glitters that is in this bottle.

Mix of Neon Hex Different sizes
Holographic Red, Blue, Green Hex Mix
Red and White Hex Mix
Iridescent Hex .062
Gold and Silver Hex Mix
Yellow Hex .040
Light Pink Hex .008
Neon Pink Hearts
White Hearts
Gold Holographic Dots .118
Violet Holographic Dots .118
Turquoise Holographic Dots .118
Red Dots.078
Blue Dots .078
White Hex .008
Light Pink Hearts
Purple Hearts
Light Pink Stars
Pink Daisies
Light Blue Hearts
Pink Holographic Dots .118
Lavender Daisies
Blue Circles
White Circles
Pink Hex Mix
Gold Holographic Stars
Turquoise Shreds
and some Shifting Iridescent hex in .008

THIS IS IS PACKED and so GORGEOUS! We will not have very many of these at all. So once I list this in my store.  You better grab it up quick cause it's very very limited because of the amount of glitters that is in this one. It's Coming Soon....

Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's Snowing Cotton Candy Nail Polish by Glitter Lambs ***Cute Indie Glitter Topper For Christmas***

"It's Snowing Cotton Candy"
Christmas Glitter Topper Nail Polish 
by Glitter Lambs

This is the most sweetest looking glitter topper ever! It looks so light and fluffy. This is a clear base filled with mini light pink stars and lots of different shapes and sizes of iridescent glitters. Wow! WOW! WOW! This iridescent goodness looks good over anything. Very girly! Very Christmasy! And VERY GORGEOUS! 

 This gorgeous picture was taken by @LacqueredLori and how beautiful is this! Her review of these polishes are on her website.

 Lori took a close up and wow is that beautiful! Look at all those mini pink stars and iridescent glitters! 

And this Christmas winter scene is just the most adorable ever! I love it!

Just look at how beautiful this is in the bottle. Stunning!

This is one coat of glitter with some placement of the mini pink stars that I pulled out of the bottle and arranged onto the nail. This is just perfect. I love all those iridescent glitters going on. 

Here is the raw glitter mix before I put it in the bottle. Look at all that AWESOMENESS!!!

 Here is the nail shot and bottle shot together. I took the photo inside the house to try and capture all that twinkle. This just glitters and glitters and glitters....

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Above pic by @Jennifer54902