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Saturday, August 16, 2014

DIY Despicable Me Birthday Party Food Card Label Ideas For Kids

DIY Despicable Me Birthday Party 
Food Card Label Ideas For Kids

Here is a really cute idea for your kids Despicable Me Birthday Party. Searching online will give you the best ideas for doing your own DIY birthday party for your child. 

This is POOFY DRESSES.... A food label card featuring Gruzinkerbell! These fluffy pink dress snacks are actually pink snowballs that you can get at Walmart. They remind me of the fluffy pink dress that Gru was wearing when he showed up for the party. The little plastic containers you see are actually from the dollar tree and were only $1.00. 

Here is UNICORN HORNS.... These is a HUGE GIGANTIC lollipop that reminded me of a unicorn horn. I got this at the dollar tree too. 

 Here is GRU AND LUCY"S WEDDING RINGS... Featuring some ring pops in a plastic bowl. Tasty! What a yummy idea!

 Here is VECTOR"S ORANGE JUMPSUITS....These are just circus peanuts that I picked up at the dollar tree. It was the best I could come up with for an orange jumpsuit. lol

 You can throw a cheap birthday party for your child by using some really cheap candy from the dollar tree and printing some cute food cards out online. I made these myself by just searching online for cute images. Make your own and come up with some clever ideas for your kid!!!

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