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August 12, 2013

DIY Wood Pumpkin and Wood Pumpkin Sign- DIY Fall Decoration Ideas

***Breaking News**** Yes these items are for SALE!

In case if your wondering.. We are the owners of the "Church House Woodworks Etsy Shop". So if you see the picture over at our other website Rustic 4 Weddings and it's tagged with the logo, just know that we are the same people. I am just clearing that up so folks don't think we are taking someone else's photo. And we also run a children's ministry website at along with many other sites. We stay busy! lol 

 First we took a cedar tree and cut it up into thick pieces. This is going to be our pumpkin.

Then we stripped the bark off the wood.

 Here is a picture of the two cedars. 
One has bark and the other does not.

 Then we spray painted them orange.

 Then we cut some small limbs up and used that as a pumpkin stem.

 Next the stem needs to go on top of the pumpkin using some wood glue.

 Here are two different pumpkins. The pumpkin on the left was a hickory, and the pumpkin on the right was the cedar. We just left the bark on the hickory and painted it to see what it would look like. I actually thought it looked kind of neat. 

Next I grabbed a scrap piece of thin plywood that was laying around to make my pumpkin sign.

Then I blasted it with some good ole black spray paint.

 I let it dry for about 10 minutes or so.

 Then my awesome husband sanded the sign for a more shabby chic look.

 Here is what it looked like after the sanding was done.

 Here a close up picture of the sign.

 Next I painted the word "Welcome" using some orange paint and I added some pumpkins and added dots on the letters.

 Me painting the sign.

 This is the finished product.

 Here is the sign and pumpkins on my marble table.

 Here it is on a wall shelf.

 Here it is my laundry room area.

 Very cute!

 Now I have myself two cute little pumpkins and sign to go with it. 

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