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August 15, 2013

MAC Dazzleglass "Pleasure Principle" Review and L.A Colors Brilliant Shine Glitter Gloss Review- Cosmetic Makeup Review

 Mac Dazzleglass Review And
 L.A. Colors Brilliant Shine Glitter Gloss Review

MAC DazzleGlass "Pleasure Principle" Glitter LipGloss- The price on this runs $20.00 but they are not even available to buy through the MAC website anymore because they were limited edition. You can find them on Ebay or Amazon for around $40.00 give or take. This is the most I have ever paid for a lipgloss in my I must say that it was really good stuff. It is really thick like honey and the glitter is very intense and gorgeous. However, when I went outside my hair was getting stuck in it because the wind would blow my hair and get caught in it. You might do better if you pull your hair up or make sure the wind is not blowing like crazy outside. I usually don't have a problem with my hair getting caught in my lipgloss but this lipgloss is not like others out there. It's really thick...but in a good way. Honestly I would buy more of it. Is it worth your money? I would say Yes. It's a very good product and the shine of the glitter is out of this world. The thickness of it holds the glitter on your lips really well.  This color of glitter lipgloss really looks like a sea of glass glittering. Very beautiful! The glitter was very tiny and not chunky.

L.A. Colors Brilliant Shine Glitter Gloss- I bought this for $1.00 at the dollar tree. It smells really good and looks great. My hair did not get stuck in it when I went outside, because it was not a thick lipgloss. The glitter was bigger chunks and really stood out. This was really pretty as well.

My review on this was that they were both good. I don't think you will be disappointed with either one.

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