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October 20, 2013

New "Glitter Lambs Nail Polishes" Coming Soon! Work In Progress...Custom Blended Nail Polish

 I have been a busy little bee mixing and blending up some of my new nail polishes. A few down, and a gabillon more to go. lol

These polishes are FILLED...and I do mean FILLED with tons of different sizes and shapes of glitter, neons, stars, bars, dots, hex's, daisies, moons, holographic, matte, shreds, etc.  These mixes are definitely my favorite.

 Here is my blue and gold polish called "Royalty Material". This polish has 9 different shapes and glitters added to it. Everything from blue and gold hexagons, holographic moons, shreds, tiny blue glitter, and gold and silver slices.

This pink nail polish is called "Princess Got Bling". This polish has 7 different glitters in it such as Slices, Daisies, Stars,  Hex's, Diamonds, and tiny glitter.

This polish is called "Is There Gold In My Honey" is filled with 6 different glitters and shapes. This has a very loud neon yellow hexagons, tiny gold glitter, gold holographic slices, sliver slices, silver dots, and Gold Holographic Hex's.

This polish is called "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little WHAT? Neon Pink Stars will make your nails an eye catcher. Apply over a colored base such as White, Black, or better yet, Neon Yellow and these will really stand out.

 Blue Moons and Gold Hexagons are swimming through out this polish. This one is called "If The Moon Could Sing".

 Tons of bright neon colored shapes with lots of tiny glitter are in this polish. This nail polish is called "Circus Clown In Town".

 This one called "BAM-WHAT! When applied over a white nail polish base it gives a phenomenal effect!

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