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November 25, 2013

Christmas Decorating Going On

 Let's see how many days it takes to decorate my house for Christmas. Here is my reindeer. They are about 5 foot tall. They are suppose to have Christmas hats, but I can't find them. I have had these for a long time. I thought they were so cute when I found these and just had to add it to my Christmas collection. My puppy thought he would pose for the camera. How cute is he...

 I got a few new ornaments at Walmart. My daughter was grabbing for all the desserts like the cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, etc. So we have a surgery sweet Christmas tree filled with yummy desert this year.

 I really like the donut glitter ornaments they had. So cute! Pink with lots of pretty sprinkles.

 Here is the sugary sprinkled up gingerbread house. 

 A purple glitter ice cream cone and a blue glitter present ornament.

 I wish the picture would have come out better on this one. This is a pink glitter cupcake inside of a glass holder. So pretty!

 Here is our purple train, pink glittered peacock, green glitter candy, ice cream cone and a donut.

 I am still debating if I should add the rest of my ornaments on the tree that I have in the boxes laying in my living room floor or just go with this. They only thing making me pause and think about it is that I have to put it all up after Christmas is The more I get out the more I have to put up...Humm....we shall see...

Close up of the dessert Christmas tree. As soon as I get my gingerbread lane put up on my buffet and take pictures I will upload it to this page. I really like my gingerbread lane scene. I got them from the dollar tree and they are so cute.

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