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November 12, 2013

Jesus Loves Me Red Glitter Nail Polish-NEW

Jesus Loves Me Red Glitter Nail Polish
**Supplies Limited**
Available in our Etsy store

I actually had to take about 50 pictures to get this red polish to show up right. I took some inside and outside and I am still not satisfied with the quality of the pictures. (I need a camera upgrade severely)

 This is our NEW "Jesus Loves Me" red glitter nail polish topper. I am wearing it over red and white polish. I only put 1 coat of "Jesus Loves Me" over my polish. This color is full of apricot, red, and copper glitter. It has small short red slices with tiny hex apricot and copper glitter. It's really pretty. You can make this a full coverage glitter if you want and not wear polish under it. You will have to do about 3 coats to get a full coverage look depending on what you want. 

My daughter picked out this glitter mix for this one. 

This is 1 coat of "Jesus Loves Me" over a plain nail. Ignore the green nail next to it because that is something else.

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