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April 21, 2014

Glitter Lambs Nail Art Contest Winner @Yaziweniaaaa "Lilo And Stitch" Nail Art Design

We have a winner for our "Glitter Lambs Nail Art Contest"! This Lilo And Stitch nail art was submitted by  @yaziweniaaaa. It was so hard to pick just 1 winner because we had so many talented people submit their nail art. So many GORGEOUS nail art designs... But we narrowed it down and came to the conclusion that this nail art of Lilo and Stitch was just too cute and had a lot of detail and work in it. We just couldn't pass this one by. She put a lot into this nail art and it shows!!!!! I love how each nail is different. This was a time consuming nail art and it turned out very well! This girl is what you call TALENTED!!!!

Congratulations @Yaziweniaaaa !!!! We thank EVERYONE who submitted their nail art and participated!!! We appreciate the submissions and stay on a look at cause we are not done! We have many nail art pictures that have earned their spots on our website and will be featured!!! Thank you so much guys!!!

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