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May 31, 2014

Rainbow Macaron Cake Polymor Clay Tutorial

Rainbow Macaron Cake Polymor Clay Tutorial

Watch the cute video on on how to make a Rainbow Macaron cake! This is easier than I thought! Wow! I just love these! I need to make me some of these! 

Taken straight from her Youtube Page. 

Showing you how to make a rainbow colored macaron cake using polymer clay in this tutorial. Polymer clay is an oven bake clay.

I mixed the different colors, rolled them out with a rolling pin, and then cut them out with a small cookie cutter from hobby lobby (in the clay section).

I used a needle to texture the cake.

I purchased silicone caulking from Home Depot for about $3.00. Cut the tip off and placed it on the outside of the cake AFTER I BAKED THE CAKE.

I made the individual macarons with the left over clay from the cake layers.

Once the silicone frosting is dry, you're finished!

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