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September 14, 2014

DIY Shabby Chic Unicorn Birthday Party

DIY Shabby Chic Unicorn Birthday Party

In the above picture is one of my husbands wooden vases he made. I wanted to give it a shabby chic look so I made my husband spray paint the wood in a blue Krylon color.

He gave it one coat and lightly misted the wooden vase to give it that shabby chic look. Just what I was going for!!! I love this color blue and it looked really good over the wood.

Here is what it looked like when it was finished. Looks good, huh? 

Here is the spray painted card holder and wood slice. The wood slice has a hole drilled in the top of it. Sorry that the picture was not more clear. 

Next we took a larger wood slice and spray painted this the same way.

We made sure to let the wood still peer through. After these dried I took them and used them in my Unicorn Party pictures.

Here is the shabby chic wooden vase and I added some colored straws down in it. I placed the Unicorn Punch card I made down into the wood place card holder. I used a unicorn rubber ducky to go with the theme and just sat all this on a wood slice. The rainbow colored ring you see is just a bracelet that was bought at the dollar store. You could easily make something similar by just taking a round circular bracelet and wrapping some colored yarn around it. 

 I made some blue punch and floated the unicorn rubber duckies in it and the mason jars were turned into drinking glasses. I just used some light pastel colored cupcake liners and turned them upside down over the mason jar and twisted the lid on. I then poked a hole through the top using a pen and then added the colored straw down in it. The cupcake liners didn't fit real well over the mason jar and I had to smooth them out the best I could before I twisted the lid on. 

I used the wood slice with the drilled hole in it and hung it on the wooden vase. I used a black sharpie marker and wrote the words "UNICORN PUNCH" on it. I made the unicorn look like he was a horse and was pulling the straw filled wood vase just to be funny. 

Here is the rubber ducky unicorn's floating in the punch. Nice day for a swim!

The wooden vase, place card holders and wooden slab is all sold in our Etsy shop. This DIY Shabby chic Unicorn Party is just an idea that you can implement yourself. Try spray painting our wood to fit your party or event. The wooden vases can be used for many different things. You can put fake flowers, pixie sticks, glow sticks, forks and spoons, food skewers, or just anything tall into the wooden vase. They make perfect holders for tons of stuff! The wood slabs can be used for setting your props on. Head over to our Church House Woodworks Etsy shop and check out all of our amazing products we offer! Everything is handmade and shipped right to your door!

  • Wood Vases- BUY NOW***they only come in natural wood and you can paint them in any color you need to match your theme*****

  • DIY Place Card Holders- BUY NOW ***they only come in natural wood and you can paint them in any color you need to match your theme*****
Unicorn Ideas:
  • Can't find a table cloth color that goes with your Unicorn theme? Try going to a fabric store and looking there. You can find tons of different colors and designs that would work. 

  • The unicorn rubber duckies can bought online through Oriental Trading. Add them to the top of cupcakes, cakes, or float them in the punch bowl.

  •  Buy a Unicorn Mold and pour colored punch into them and freeze them to make unicorn ice cubes. Add them to the drinks when it comes time. 

  • You could make some really cute unicorn cupcakes by frosting a cupcake with pink frosting and then making a frosted candy sprinkled unicorn horn on top of the cupcake. Just take a pointy ice cream cone and frost it then cover it with sprinkles. Then just stick it in the cupcake. This will look like a unicorn horn sticking out of it. 

  • You could do waffle cones and dip them in white chocolate and do edible glitter on them. 

  •  Take an ice cream cone that is shaped in a point and wrap it in tinfoil covering it all up. Then take some pastry dough or croissant dough and wrap it around the foil. Bake according to directions. When cool, slice the cone and tinfoil out and fill the pastry with something tasty. And there you have some homemade Unicorn Treats.

  • To make some cool centerpieces just fill a tall glass vase with gumballs and stick really tall swirl lollipops down in it. They resemble unicorn horns.  For a non-edible centerpiece try filling a glass vase with some pebbles and then layering some grass on top to make a landscape and then add a tiny plastic unicorn. It will look like a unicorn land. Add some extra's to really make it neat looking. Add a glowstick in it to make it glow!

  • To make treat bags for kids try buying some white lunch bags from Walmart and adding a large unicorn picture to the front. Just print some unicorn coloring pages off and cut them out using some decorative cutting scissors and then tape them on to the front of the lunch bag. A lot of work but really cute. 

Here is the printable Unicorn Punch Template if you want it. This will print on an 8.5x11 sheet of card stock. If you need to make more of these with your own words then just download this on to your computer. Then open in your paint program. Then just copy the image and add it mutlitple times on your sheet of paper. Change the words by erasing the Unicorn Punch words and adding your own. 

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